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Top 3 Security Doors in Malaysia

  • 2021-09-21 10:43:27

Credit: XPanda

Without a doubt, none of us would expect ourselves to be victims of home invasions and break-ins, but that doesn’t deter the fact that they do in fact happen. Apart from the upset and anger homeowners feel from the inevitable loss of valuable items, an even more important aspect to consider is the compromised safety of occupants during the process of a home invasion.

This is where the significance of security doors come into play. In Malaysia, there is an array of reputable companies offering the sale and installation of high-end security doors. Today, we’ll introduce to you 3 of the best types of security doors from 3 companies that you can get your hands on, to bring your safety and home security to the next level.

ARXTECH Sliding Door by Window Elements

Credit: Window Elements

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Window Elements has provided homeowners in Malaysia with reliable security doors and windows and has built a reputation for themselves. Expect to come across modern and aesthetically pleasing doors infused with complex security features – talk about security in style!

One of Window Elements’ bestsellers is the ARXTECH Sliding Door. It provides the protection, functionality and stylistic appeal, alongside multi-locking systems and concealed hinges that prevent home break-ins – basically everything you’d need in a well-curated security door that simultaneously serves as an aesthetic booster for your home.

Nature Series Double Door by New Edge Safety Door

Credit: New Edge Safety Door

With more than 25 years of experience in the field, New Edge Safety Door is a trusted brand many Malaysians are familiar with. One does not simply ignore the absolute beauty of these well-curated doors, especially the ones stemming from the Nature Series.

The designs of the doors from the Nature Series come in a variety of floral patterns and earthy colour tones. Darker tones are also available so that you can conveniently complement the interior design of your residence. Made with rust-free zinc plates and high-grade steel grills, you can be rest assured that New Edge Safety Doors curates some of the best anti-theft security doors, in terms of durability, weather-proofing and safety.

Mosquito Screen Door by Renex Steel

Credit: Renex Steel

Established in 2018, Renex Steel is a company that prides itself in providing more than just security. Renex Steel specialises in anti-theft screen doors that also serve as mosquito repellents!

Unlike regular screen doors, Renex Steel curate their doors with anti-theft doorknobs and high-grade stainless steel mesh designed to withstand weapons and heavy impact. With the incorporation of the highly durable mesh, this also means that your home will be kept free of mosquitoes – definitely an essential in the hot all-year-round Malaysian summer. Much like mosquitoes, home invaders are nasty pests. If you’re looking to kill two pests with one door, this one’s for you!

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