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MUJI-style Homes by Malaysia’s Best Interior Designers

  • 2021-07-16 11:03:16

Credit: Gessato

We’re all familiar with the highly revered ‘MUJI aesthetics’ and its popularity in recent years. There are just something so alluring about these clean, warm and simple designs that keep us coming back for more. Although we reckon that the surge in popularity for minimalist homes plays a huge part in this, it’s always better to leave it up to the professionals to enlighten us with curations that are simply perfect, yet perfectly simple.

Today’s read will present to you some of the best curations of MUJI-inspired homes, by our very own Malaysian interior designers!

Mise En Place by EMPT Studio

Credit: Empt Studio

Formed by young and talented designers, EMPT Studio takes pride in curating authentic spaces that are soulful and set up to form deep human connections. The minimalistic approach to design has put EMPT Studio on the forefront of a successful portfolio speckled with the well-loved MUJI aesthetic. The masterful incorporation of light wooden tones, muted colour themes and an abundance of natural light, is what makes EMPT Studio one of the best in the field. 

Thanks to EMPT Studio’s endearing passion for practical spaces that are feasible yet minimalist, curations of impeccable interiors with the MUJI philosophy are a dime a dozen in its portfolio. The emphasis of warmth, comfort and quality living is bread and butter to the young talents at EMPT Studio, as they are no strangers when it comes to fresh and soulful curations of MUJI-style interiors!

Verdi Cyberjaya by Matt Design

Credit: Matt Design

Specialising in the curation of homely residential projects, Matt Design is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. This project by Matt Design elevates the beauty of minimalism. Without having to incorporate fancy stones or exquisite leather, Matt Design found its way to piecing together a timeless, warm and minimalistic residential project.

Without a shadow of doubt, Matt Design is a veteran in the field. Take a look at its portfolio and you’ll soon learn the reason behind its success as an interior design organisation that takes pride in its flawless minimalist projects. This certainly includes curations that boldly represent the MUJI philosophy. As expected, an abundance of natural light is complemented by light wooden tones, with dainty accessories added into the mix to serve as the icing on the cake!

Pelangi Damansara by GI Design

Credit: GIdesign

GI Design boasts a wide range of services inclusive of space planning, interior design, and comprehensive project management. Being a recipient of the IIDA’s 8th International InteriCAD Interior Designer Award, it goes to show that GI Design is a master in the field when it comes to intricate woodworks – of which is the core of MUJI aesthetics.

GI Design was highly appreciated by its client for producing a cosy home design with a multi-layered muted colour palette on a condominium located in Pelangi Damansara, and it’s not difficult to see why many are so in love with the MUJI philosophy portrayed in this curation. Warm wooden tones are perfectly balanced with bare white surfaces, thus resulting in a modern space built on warmth.

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