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Best Choices for Laminated Flooring in Malaysia

  • 2021-07-07 11:56:56

Credit: Contemporist

Flooring is an integral aspect when it comes to beautifying your home, simply because it covers a large area of space. Homeowners often find themselves investing more time and effort in this context, especially since flooring is usually one of those things that will live as long as the house does.

With that said, when there are so many types of laminate flooring to choose from, how do you know what’s right for your needs? It might get rather daunting having to factor in aspects such as colour, texture, thickness and AC rating – but fret not! Today’s read will guide you through the best choices for laminated flooring in Malaysia!

Glue-less Laminated Flooring

Credit: BHG

Glue-less laminated flooring, as its name suggest, is installed without the use of glue. These laminates come in the form of blocks and are easy to install. These blocks come equipped with interlocking capabilities and are easily bonded to one another. As such, it’s no surprise as to why this is the most popular and commonly seen lamination method in the market.

For the sake of diversity, these glue-less laminated blocks are available in multiple designs and textures, such as wood and ceramic. With the advancement of technology, these blocks can also be made to feel like authentic hardwood, via the use of veneer and industry-specific methods that may vary amongst manufacturers.

Pre-glued Laminated Flooring

Credit: Calgary Renovation Pros

Pre-glued laminated flooring involves the use of glue, but you won’t have to be the one gluing these blocks together. Instead, the laminated blocks already has glue applied prior to your purchase and is ready to be installed straight away.

These blocks may need some help with glue activation, whereby you could just simply moisten the joints to help activate the glue when joining the blocks together. Otherwise, this installation method is simple and fuss-free.

Glued Laminate Flooring

Credit: Home Okumura

Glued laminate flooring is the most tedious and time-consuming installation method in this list. This method of installation requires you to apply a specially formulated glue to the laminate flooring, then placing it directly on the underlay.

The disadvantage of glued laminate flooring is in its high labour cost and downtime needed, but it’s balanced with the fact that this installation method also provides the strongest bond in this list. In fact, it’s strength is so potent that once the specially formulated glue has dried and bonded completely, removing the laminated blocks is near impossible.

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