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Feng Shui Layout Tips for Every Room

  • 2021-06-11 13:50:03

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To many, Feng Shui is often closely related to the betterment of life – a belief in a system that can help improve one’s standard of living. Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, there must be a reason as to why so many well-known individuals are known to practice Feng Shui. Bill Gates, for instance, is an avid practitioner of Feng Shui.

Surely, everyone of us yearns for a better standard of living, be it having good health, more wealth or simply to be happier every day. In that aspect, Feng Shui essentially enhances our physical environments, which then results in a space whereby positive energy manifests in abundance. Simply put, with Feng Shui, your home can be curated and tailored in ways that can help achieve these positive outcomes – read on to find out how!

Living Room

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The living room is the main common space in a home. This is where most of the interaction between family and friends take place, which also makes it the liveliest space in a home. As such, a general rule of thumb is to keep your living room spacious, porous and inviting, with clutter being kept to a minimum.

Place furniture in a Commanding Position: Commanding Position is a Feng Shui term used to describe a position in which an entryway can be seen from where you’re seated, but is also not directly aligned with your line of sight.

Incorporating greenery into the scene: Plants represent nature, and they thus radiate the concept of growth, good health and overall wellness.

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The dining room is a space where family members gather for meals, which also makes it a zone where discussions are held and connections are made. A dining room with good Feng Shui should be able to keep families together during dinner time, rather than having them break off and dine separately in different places.

Keep the dining table clean and spacious: Before meals are served, be sure to clear any unnecessary items off the dining table to make space for every dish.

Use round dining tables as much as possible: Round tables signify connectivity and represents impartiality. Practically, a round dining table also makes reaching for food easier.


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In the world of Feng Shui, the kitchen is often tied to wealth and prosperity. It is said that being well-fed is a blessing that equates to living a satisfactory life. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat,” so it only makes sense to ensure that your kitchen is both physically and gastronomically well-equipped.

Wash the dishes frequently: Keeping your sink and countertop clutter-free is essential if you’re looking to maximise clarity. You wouldn’t want clutter to obstruct wealth from coming your way, would you?

Cook often and cook well: It is believed that the fire from a kitchen’s stove attracts wealth. Also, preparing delicious meals directly translates to being well-fed.


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The bedroom is a private space where its user unwinds and recalibrates. Altering the Feng Shui of a bedroom can greatly enhance the effects of positive energy, due to the essence of it being a personal space.

Never align a bed with a door: Known as the ‘coffin position,’ aligning your bed with your bedroom door is believed to be bad luck, as your energy gets ‘pulled’ away and through your door while you sleep. It is also believed to be dangerous if an enemy were to open your bedroom door and find you lying right in front of it, making you an easy target.

Avoid sleeping in front of or next to a mirror: According to Feng Shui, sleeping with a mirror facing you promotes infidelity and brings a third party into your relationship.


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Bathrooms consist of mainly the water element, which can deflect and drain wealth. Even so, a bathroom is a space where one refreshes and rejuvenates. It is essential for our well-being, and ensuring that your bathroom is clean and tidy can help enhance the effects of living a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Keep it clean, keep it dry: Try to keep your bathroom clean, organised and dry. This is to dampen the effects of the water element as much as possible.

Introduce plants and greenery in the bathroom: Introducing a houseplant represents the reversal of the adverse effects of the water element. It signifies water being used positively to help the plant grow, thus turning the water element into something beneficial instead.

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