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IKEA Hauls: Home Remodelling Edition

  • 2021-05-26 11:30:58

Credit: IKEA

In what seems like a blink of an eye, we’re now touching down on the halfway point of this hectic year already. Time flies, doesn’t it? The whole situation with COVID-19 hasn’t seen much of an improvement – in fact, things might even be getting worse. I guess there’ll be even more of staying at home and less of being out and about, sadly.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Being cooped up at home gives rise to a list of great opportunities for you to revamp and remodel your home, especially since IKEA readily provides online purchase services and deliveries to your doorstep. Today’s read will present to you a list of trendy IKEA products that you can get your hands on, to finally start on that much-needed home remodelling project you’ve been putting on hold for months – and we’re sure some of you readers are guilty of this!

Credit: IKEA

VOXLÖV Dining Set

If you’ve read our previous article on “Staying Ahead of Interior Design Trends in 2021,” you’d know what this is all about – woven accents deriving from materials such as bamboo, cane and rattan are one of the trendiest topics on home design as we speak. Woven furniture is especially popular due to its durable nature and timeless aesthetic. Besides, getting yourself a set of furniture is a simple yet extremely effective way of giving your home a fresh, new look!

IKEA has launched collections that are primarily focused on incorporating sustainable materials to create woven textures, making IKEA a crowd favourite when it comes to redesigning homes that keep up to the trends, without overlooking the importance of sustainability. Well, it’s really not difficult to see why IKEA is at the top of the food chain – whatever a home might need, IKEA has it in its constantly up-to-date catalogues of products.

Credit: IKEA


There’s a certain magic to round mirrors and no one really knows why, but here’s our guess – a round mirror accentuates a space softly and subtly, whilst creating a focal point that’s hard to miss. Knowing that, it’s no wonder why there are diehard fans of round mirrors who are simply obsessed with them and swear by the effects they have on a space!

Mirrors are usually chosen based on its practicality, which might be the reason why many of us opt for a big old rectangular mirror over a minimalistic circular one. However, that hasn’t deterred the ever-rising popularity of round mirrors, because after tons of scrolling through spatial designs that incorporate the use of round mirrors, it has become apparent that round mirrors assimilate seamlessly with earthy tones and soft accents – and when pieced together with hints of greenery, the results are simply addictive.

Credit: IKEA

IVAR Storage System

The concept of ambiguity and transparency really ties in with the materiality of this product. By providing users with the freedom of having both exposed and concealed storage options, a charming aesthetic is concurrently achieved, whereby its woven textures help to draw interest due to its compartments being neither fully exposed, nor fully concealed.

On the other hand, with this product being based off a sustainable theme, adding plants and greenery around it will be effortless and seamless, and you’ll never have to worry about having plants look out of place! Once again, woven textures such as bamboo, cane, rattan and wicker are on everyone’s list this year, and it’s a blessing that IKEA is an active participant in catering to its users’ needs and wants. Everything you’d need for a perfect home remodelling project is readily available, all that’s left to be done on your end, is to get it started!

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