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M.I.D. Interior Design Studio

  • 2021-04-28 13:41:57

At first glance, the abode exudes a sense of warmth and comfort, both of which are popular requests made by homeowners, and understandably so! This project by M.I.D. Interior Design Studio evidently portrays the effects of owning a cosy home filled with serenity.

From the wooden elements of the furniture to the off-white hues of the curtains and wall art, a home like this is the perfect gateway to relaxation after a long day at work. What feeds the eye right off the bat is the inlet of daylight being introduced to the space. It’s not everyday you see a home being able to generously welcome the warmth of sunlight, and although mostly nature constitutes to this, great design and space planning are two key factors to achieving what most would deem a privilege!

Apart from the undisputable workmanship of the wooden feature wall, streamlined furniture and abstract miniature statues are aspects that also add to the ‘lived-in’ ambience of this abode.

The beauty of design is often found in the subtle details incorporated by the designer. From the colour-coding to the fusion of linen, wood and metallic elements, this space certainly showcases the thought and effort put into creating a modern masterpiece.

What really brings this dining space to the foreground is the masterful curation of the coffee countertop. Vertical slat panels are honoured by the creative hidden lighting, exuding an ambience of class and is definitely an aesthetically pleasing sight. Who said wine bottles only look good in purpose-made wine cellars?

Let’s not forget the unique overhead lighting seen above the dining table. As compared to the traditional single round downlight, this lighting fixture consists of a series of round lights, branching off from the centre of the fixture. The six streamlined seats complete the look with its modern and exquisite outlook!

A series of cabinets serve as storage compartments and act as a datum separating the dining space from the rest of the abode. An interesting feature of this storage space is the fact that it’s extremely versatile. This is made possible by the fusion of exposed and concealed units. As such, a bulky item that tends to become an eyesore can be stored away and out of sight, while display items can be stored strategically in the exposed units.

Attention is immediately given to the round mirror situated on the wall behind the dining table. It’s backed up against a lighting fixture that surrounds its perimeter, and the design is tied in by the corresponding circular lighting fixtures hovering above the dining table.

Another encapsulating feature of this space is the incorporation of a kitchen island. It exudes an ambience of luxury and abundance, and it’s easily anyone’s favourite part of their home to sit back and relax!

As we venture further into the abode, we’re greeted by the explicitly minimalistic yet spacious kitchen space. Just because it’s a kitchen doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a proper outfit like the rest of the abode, and it’s evidently so.

A white brick texture is seen on the backsplash which is further accentuated by a strip lighting fixture. The wooden theme is carried forward from the living space of the abode, fusing impeccably with the clean and crisp white tones!

The ‘L-shaped’ arrangement of the kitchen counter is a great way to maximise space and reduce clutter. As such, a clean and practical kitchen space is achieved, alongside spacious overhead storage compartments to store your bulky kitchenware.

Additionally, with cabinets below the counter comes with the added advantage of extra storage space, which is quite honestly something you can never get enough of.

As we move into the private quarters of the abode, we witness the smooth transition of the colour scheme from the living space to the bedroom. Wooden elements are retained, and more off-white tones are introduced, thus curating a clean and spacious outlook for a space that certainly requires it.

What’s interesting is the curation of a vanity dressing table in the bedroom. Elegantly clad in wooden elements as well, it renders the dressing space to exude an aura of comfort and warmth, perfect for preparing yourself for yet another fruitful day ahead.

The secondary bedroom retains the same colour scheme, with similar pillowcases and bedsheets to tie in both bedrooms and ensuring the continuous flow of the same scheme. From this alone, one is able to understand the effort put into curating a home with spaces that are relevant to one another.

Ensuring the concept of continuity is achieved is no easy task. It takes a designer who takes pride in having no corners cut and genuinely desires the best for his clients, and this project by M.I.D. Interior Design Studio translates that precisely.

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