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10 Must-Know Cleaning Tips!

  • 2021-03-29 13:22:06

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There’s simply nothing better than a sparkling clean home, and there’s simply nothing worse than having to clean an entire home, right? Well, we get your pain. Sadly, however, the chores aren’t going to do themselves and the house isn’t going to clean itself!

With that said, rather than trying to make you believe that cleaning is inessential, here are 10 cleaning tips from actual cleaning experts, that can help you clean better and faster! Most of these tips are surprisingly ingenious, so stay tuned!

Keep Things Dry

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Sweeping the floor should be the first task on hand when it comes to cleaning your home. As such, it’s always wise to wipe away any wet spots that may be lying around on the ground.

This is to ensure that the bristles of your broom don’t come in contact with any form of moisture, as it can cause your broom to become dysfunctional and trap dirt rather than directing it into your dustpan. Also, you wouldn’t want to slip and fall over any wet surfaces while you’re sweeping, right?

Operate One Equipment At A Time

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This is a golden rule. Always operate one equipment at a time when you’re cleaning the house. For example, if you’re sweeping the floor, sweep around the whole house before you switch to mopping, instead of switching between the broom and the mop constantly.

Following this method can drastically shorten the time you spend on cleaning your home. Furthermore, it keeps you level-headed and not get confused with all that equipment you have at your disposal!

Mirrors & Glass Surfaces

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I’m sure many of us are guilty of this – we forget to clean our mirrors and glass surfaces routinely. If there’s one thing that exacerbates the unpleasant sight of fingerprints, it has to be mirrors and glass surfaces.

With that said, it’s quite simple to get it done. Get yourself a wet cloth and any cleaning agent, and you’re good to go! This simple step can really help elevate that ‘sparkly clean’ look.


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Over time, it’s inevitable to have some clutter lying around the house. This is the best time declutter and reorganize your living spaces. Pick up any pieces of litter and dispose of it.

Once you’ve gathered the clutter that you intend to keep, house them in an arranged manner. Getting rid of clutter is already half the battle won in this long and tiresome cleaning project!

Work Desks & Countertops

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We tend to keep our workspaces untouched in fear of misplacing important documents or items. However, that often results in a bunch of clutter and mess. Take a leap of faith today and clear your workspace by putting things back to where they belong!

Store your stationery in designated drawers or stationary cases, and organize your kitchenware so that you get a clear view of everything you need. These are one of those things that we’re often too unbothered to care about because we use them on a daily basis. However, the habit has to go if you’re looking forward to a clean and organized home.

Dusty Ceiling Fans

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Apart from it being rather unhealthy for your lungs, a dusty ceiling fan is also extremely unpleasant to look at.

Do keep in mind that ceiling fans attract dust easily and it’s always good to clean them off every now and then! Simply get yourself a wet cloth and a chair high enough to prop you up to clean the dust off the fan’s blades.

Cable Management

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If your cables look like this, it’s high time to equip yourself with some cable management strategies. Untidiness is a known factor to unproductivity, and messy cables are no different.

For starters, try investing in storage solutions that are designed to hide and house cables! Alternatively, you could consult a cable management specialist to aid in making your home look less ‘tangled.’

Cleaning Carpets

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Over time, carpets pick up dust and dirt particles, making them look dark and dull as time passes. This can also introduce a higher amount of dust and seriously deteriorate the air quality of your home.

Equip yourself with a vacuum and clean the impurities from your carpet, and you’d be surprised at how much difference it makes!

Children’s Toys

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If you haven’t already, you should consider setting up a storage area for your children’s toys. It could get annoying to have to move around toys that are scattered all around to floor.

Furthermore, teaching your children the importance of storing toys after they’re done playing with them, could tremendously improve their sense of responsibility at a young age. Bonus!

Fresh Bathrooms

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Keep your bathrooms smelling and looking fresh by frequently clearing any clutter that may appear, be it untidy stacks of toilet rolls or drops of toothpaste.

Having a clean and sanitary bathroom is a prominent way to achieving that satisfactory lifestyle we all crave for! You’d understand if you were ever unfortunate enough to come across dirty and unkempt public restrooms!

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