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Repel Mosquitoes in 5 Stylish Ways!

  • 2021-03-29 12:50:09

Credit: India Today

In this tropical climate that we’re living in, mosquitoes seem to always find their way towards us. Contrary to popular belief, you actually can develop immunity towards mosquito bites! However, the price to pay for that is to build up a tolerance through getting bitten approximately 1,000 times a week. Not that great of a deal after all, huh?

Although blood types and genetics are the main factors to your susceptibility of mosquito bites, there certainly are a few ways to deter those pesky pests. We do things with style here at Renodots, so it’s only obligatory to guide you through 5 stylish ways to deal with mosquitoes and pests!

House Plants

Credit: Gardening Heavn

Plants are great investments for a multitude of reasons. They’re pleasing to look at and introduce nature to your home, which in turn energizes your living space. But more importantly, certain plants have the amazing natural ability to repel pests such as mosquitoes!

Lavender plants and citronella plants are two of the more commonly used household plants that work wonders when it comes to repelling mosquitoes.

Incense Coils

Credit: Pinimg

If you’re looking to add a little zen to your home, incense coils are definitely for you. Apart from exuding an ambience of peace and tranquillity, mosquito repelling incense coils are also extremely effective as they consist ingredients such as citronella and cedar wood, both of which act as excellent mosquito repellents.

Other than having your home rid of mosquitoes, these incense coils can certainly enhance the aesthetic of your living spaces. All you’d need is a decent-looking incense holder and – voila!


Credit: Rosy Dreams

If you or your family members are sensitive to smoke, then mosquito repelling candles would be your best bet. In contrast to incense coils, candles don’t produce much smoke, if any at all. This make candles an excellent choice for those who’d prefer having a smokeless environment at home.

These candles are formulated with ingredients that repel mosquitoes, but beyond that, they are also crafted to give off fragrances that are customisable according to your liking!

Smart Mosquito Repellent

Credit: Aliexpress

The XiaoMi MIJIA Smart Mosquito Repellent acts as a fan producing air that has mosquito repelling properties, thanks to the tablet seated inside of the device. The mosquito repellent tablet is capable of 90 days of usage, presuming you use it for 8 hours a day during bedtime.

This device is minimalistic and quiet, acting like a silent assassin that does the job for you without you realising that it’s even there. What more could you ask for? 

Mosquito Repellent Lamp

Credit: The Gadget Flow

This 2-in-1 Mosquito Repellent Lamp from Puurfun Lin is as innovative as it is feasible. The lamp produces UV light which attracts mosquitoes into the device and eliminates them. The best part is, the lamp also produces enough light for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a book or have a glass of wine after a long day at work.

This is most likely the peak of modern living, as this device serves its purpose and certainly beyond. As the saying goes: “Modern problems require modern solutions!”

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