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Redesigning Your Kitchen with A Low Budget!

  • 2021-03-16 16:57:39

Credit: 2ezbuilders

You’re not alone if you feel like you’ve grown tired of your kitchen, we feel you. Are you regretting that colour scheme you chose to be put on your backsplash a few years ago? Are your pearly white tiles now old and yellow from the grit and grind of being trampled on every day?

Well, fret not – we all experience these design errors, and frankly, most of them are inevitable due to the nature of wear and tear parts. If you’re looking for a kitchen revamp but aren’t ready to fork out a hefty sum, we’ve got good news for you! Today’s read is all about redesigning your kitchen space with a low budget, and some of these tips might just blow your mind!

Walls & Flooring

Credit: Hafary

Are you having trouble putting a finger on what it is that you’re unhappy with in your kitchen space? Do you feel like your kitchen looks completely fine, yet you can’t seem to figure out why it feels a little off sometimes? Well, the answer might just simply be an incorrect wall and/or flooring setup, and this often occurs when we’re satisfied with the layout and structure of our kitchen space, but unsatisfied with the colour or material scheme that it’s set in!

Maybe after all, all that’s needed is a quick and inexpensive change of paint on your wall, or a new set of vinyl flooring with textures that match today’s trends – and more often than not, homeowners find themselves looking too deeply into things, without realising that the problem is merely an outdated paintjob!


Credit: Tree Hugger

Cleanliness plays an integral role in achieving a great kitchen space, and induction stoves are perfect for that job. As compared to traditional gas stoves, induction stoves are flat and barely noticeable, making it easier to portray a streamlined countertop rid of clutter and mess.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of homeowners who failed to realise this sooner, and once they made the change, they no longer felt that their kitchen space was inadequate!


Credit: Home Designing

If there’s one thing you should get right above all else, it’s definitely lighting. Great lighting has the ability to transform not-so-spectacular spaces into something better, as light creates opportunities for shadows to be casted, details to be highlighted and imperfections to be covered.

Consider investing in lights that are warmer in its tone, as warm lights tend to portray comfort and as a result, exude a sense of relaxation in the kitchen space. This also helps to enhance the ambience of the space, without you having to invest much in other modifications to your space!

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