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Top 5 Trending Designer Chairs of 2021

  • 2021-03-16 16:36:56

Credit: Adobe Living

Your choice of furniture can reveal a lot about your character and personality. Furthermore, the hunt for an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable chair is always a unique experience, as it opens up a world of information ready to be digested by the curious.

With this in mind, let’s dive further into the world of designer chairs that are stylish, trendy, comfortable and always seem to find themselves in homes of their new owners. We’re sure you would’ve heard of some of these world-renowned pieces!

Barcelona Chair

Credit: Smow

The Barcelona Chair is an absolutely legendary piece of art designed by the highly revered Mies van de Rohe, an architect that helped define and era in architecture. The simplistic chrome-on-steel structure is the epitome of Mies van der Rohe’s well-known maxim of ‘less is more.’

Knowing that the Barcelona Chair was a design of the 1920s, it’s simply fascinating how modern and streamlined the product looks. The Barcelona Chair is an integral piece of art that can certainly enhance the aesthetics of any household.

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Credit: Davinci Lifestyle

The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman is mechanically designed in a way such that the seat is tilted backwards by default. Its design aims to light the weight off of the users’ back and spine – making for a comfortable and relaxing sitting position.

The simple use of plywood and leather make for a wonderful combination, resulting in an end product well-loved by its users through the years.

Grand Confort

Credit: Flickr

The Grand Confort is a strong representation of Modern Art. A simplistic cube-shaped armchair took the world by storm due to its extremely avant-garde and futuristic aesthetic. The Grand Confort is also the chair that late Steve Jobs sat on as he released the all-new iPad, back in 2013.

Having a statement piece such as the Grand Confort sitting around at home is definitely a hefty task, but thankfully, replicas are rather easy to get and offer a practical solution. Furthermore, the Grand Confort certainly exudes modernism and minimalism, both of which are trending topics of 2021!

Papa Bear

Credit: Bless This Stuff

The Papa Bear was designed by the late Hans J. Wegner, a legendary pioneer of Danish modernism highly revered for his innovative works. The Papa Bear was named as such due to its outstretched arms resembling the paws of a bear embracing its user from behind. 

Having the Papa Bear at home would certainly make it a statement piece. If you’re looking for a well-curated chair that takes pride in constantly being the centre of attention, the Papa Bear is definitely for you!


Credit: Mid and Mod

The CH25 Lounge Chair is one of those legendary pieces that don’t scream ‘look at me!’ Its simplicity and subtility attracts users with its fine, intricate details of woven paper cord. The seamless curation of the CH25 Lounge Chair really comes to life when users realise how meticulous the manufacturing process is.

At any angle, the CH25 Lounge Chair looks as if it’s fresh out of the factory. It takes pride in its effortless silhouette and minimalistic design, making it a versatile piece fit for every home.

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