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Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator: What’s the Difference?

  • 2021-01-07 12:03:32

Credit: The Spruce

The terms ‘designer’ and ‘decorator’ are often used interchangeably, but you’d be shocked to find out that an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator hold very different roles and perform very different tasks, in an interior project.

Today, let us go through the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator, and why we need them!

Interior Designer

Credit: Blu Build Blox

Interior Designers are professional service providers playing multiple roles in a design project. They act as a consultant, drafter, 3D renderer and project manager – all at once.

Interior Designers are artists trained in developing creative concepts and designs to help you achieve that dream home you’ve always wanted. One could say that an Interior Designer is a one-stop service for all your renovation needs.

They work closely with architects to decide on the best course of action for aspects such as local building regulations and codes – something not the average Joe can handle!

Interior Decorator

Credit: St Homes

Interior Decorators are professional artists who take pride in furnishing spaces with aesthetically-pleasant elements while keeping the functionality of the space in order.

They usually work closely with homeowners to curate the best possible design concept and aesthetic for the home.

For Interior Decorators, knowledge in aspects such as lighting, flooring, fabrics and art installations are the tools of the trade.

So, why do we need them?

Interior Designers – Without them, essential processes that are too complex for the average layman will never see light! Specific design concepts, 3D visualisations and construction work require a set of skilled hands and healthy industry experience to kickstart. In entirety, without the intervention of an Interior Designer, your dream home could remain as just a dream.

Interior Decorators – Furnishing and decoration is part and parcel of any home. Homeowners typically engage Interior Decorators because they trust their judgement and prowess as, after all, Interior Decorators decorate for a living. Even if homeowners decide to take up the duty themselves, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra pillar of support when the ever-so-dreaded ‘creative block’ kicks in!

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