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Partition Wall Ideas for Kitchens & Dining Areas!

  • 2021-01-06 17:19:06

Credit: Home Designing

Partition walls are the cure for spaces that are overweight and underweight – and what we mean by that is the illusion of space that’s created whenever your home feels too packed and cramped, or too empty and bare. Obviously, this isn’t a very pleasant thing at all and we’re sure this issue hits close to home for some of us!

The intervention of partition walls and/or space dividers have proved to be the perfect remedy, capable of solving spatial issues with minimal effort if you know the right methods of application, that is!

Today, let’s go through some variations of partition walls that are specifically suitable for kitchens and dining areas, as well as the ways to style and incorporate each particular type of partition wall into your home!

Loft Partition

Credit: Crystalia Glass

Loft partitions are named this way for a pretty apparent reason – these partitions can be easily found in a typical loft house. Loft houses are often modern apartments that were previously used as industrial buildings, and this pretty much explains the familiar aesthetic of the Industrial design style seen in these loft partitions!

Steel and glass are common materials seen on loft partitions and the majority of that ‘Industrial’ look stems from this very feature.

The incorporation of glass introduces transparency to the space, keeping the area lightweight and well-lit, perfect for both kitchens and dining areas!

Glass Blocks

Credit: The Daily Chronicle

I know right? Who would’ve figured that glass blocks would make a comeback in 2020? Some of us were eager for its return, while others hoped for it to stay where it came from – in the past!

Glass blocks remind us of the cold and icy 80’s aesthetic, oftentimes accompanied by bright neon lights and fashion trends that would be deemed as ‘cringeworthy’ in today’s society.

Albeit its mixed reactions from the crowd, we’re thankful that glass blocks have made a comeback, as its unique characteristics make it an excellent choice for a partition wall. Furthermore, you’d probably be the only few homeowners with such a stylish retro-themed home, so there’s really nothing to lose!

Peranakan Grilles

Credit: Renonation

If you’re a fan of vintage Peranakan aesthetics and a lover of tradition, this one’s for you. With a heritage so rich in history, it’s no wonder why many homeowners indulge in the beauty of Peranakan art!

One of the more recognised features of the culture is the patterns found on traditional window grilles and door frames of Peranakan houses. The abstract and organised system of lines form pleasing patterns, adding value to your home with the ambience of sophistication and tradition!

Due to the natural format of how the Peranakan grilles were arranged since the roots of its heritage, you should expect to achieve an attention-grabbing yet porous partition wall that goes well with almost any design concept!

Bamboo Stalks

Credit: Epic Ideas

This would probably remind you of a fancy Chinese restaurant that aims to deliver not just good food, but great user experience to its customers – or at least that’s what comes to mind whenever bamboo is mentioned in design. Bamboo stalks exude an oriental ambience, probably due to its relevance to the Chinese culture.

But more importantly, bamboo is a great design addition to any home and it’sa shame how bamboo is often overlooked as a potential partition wall. Of course, bamboo alone probably won’t make the cut – you should first have a frame ready to store and hold the bamboo stalks in place.

With the addition of some accent lights and downlights, this partition wall of yours could truly be a rare sight to admire, not forgetting the ‘Insta-worthy’ content you can create with such a feature at home!

Shelf Partition

Credit: Room and Board

This is a great example of why multifunctional spaces are so important, especially in this day and age. We’re familiar with partitions – they’re main purpose is to divide and demarcate spaces to provide a more organized and systematic layout for your home. However, why settle for less when you can have all of the above, and get additional storage at the same time?

A shelf partition is exactly what its name suggests. There are shelves within the partition which can enable you to place and store items for display.

This is especially relevant to kitchen and/or dining areas, since dinner is where most conversations take place in the family, and sentimental items such as family photos and heirlooms can be aptly displayed here!

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