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Achieve A ‘Bigger’ Home with 5 Simple Items!

  • 2021-01-06 14:30:49

Credit: The Mercury News

The character of a home is often determined by the selection of furniture and spatial layouts – but of course, factors such as daylight and allocated space are vital aspects as well.

Having access to an abundance of space has always been associated with luxury and comfort, and this explains why many homeowners come up with unique methods to maximize the potential of their living space. But what are these methods mentioned?

Well, to help you with precision, we’ve curated a list of items that can help expand your living space, and best of all, these items can be easily attained!

Wall Mirrors

Credit: Glass Expert Singapore

Anyone looking to enlarge a space must include mirrors in the process! Reflections help to add dimension to space, enabling the room to feel light and airy.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to employ a full-length and/or full-height mirror at home, as a decently-sized mirror would work just fine. If you’re looking to achieve a ‘boundless’ look to your home, consider placing a flat piece of mirror in a hallway or corridor!

Legged Furniture

Credit: Ignant

Many homeowners don’t realise the effects furniture have on a spatial organization when in essence, furniture is the majority of what makes space feel and look spacious on one hand and cluttered on the other.

We can’t further emphasise the significance of having streamlined and legged furniture in your space – it does 90% of the job for you when it comes to visually expanding your living space! Legged furniture enables light to penetrate into your spaces, resulting in a lighter and airier ambience and thus achieving spaciousness!

Sheer Curtains

Credit: Decoist

If you’ve come this far, then you’d understand why sheer curtains are one of the sure-fire ways to expand your living space! Sheer curtains are lightweight fabrics that cover your windows, enabling a considerable amount of daylight to filter into your home – while ensuring the integrity of your home’s privacy.

This feature exudes a dreamy ambience thanks to the transparency provided by the sheer curtains, giving your home a lightweight aesthetic. The generous amount of daylight penetrating into the home is also an added advantage of investing in sheer curtains!

Area Rugs

Credit: The Smart Local

An area rug is exactly what it sounds like – a rug meant to demarcate a specific area in your home. Now, you might be wondering, “what has a rug got to do with making my home look bigger?”

Well, the perception of space is a very visual experience, and when a rug is placed over a space, attention will be given to that specific area, helping you emphasise spaces that you want to emphasise, getting rid of distractions from other pieces and/or furniture in the surrounding area.

This ultimately provides a focal point in your home, keeping other parts of your home free from obstruction, and less obstruction equates to more space!

Statement Pieces

Credit: Luxdeco

Similar to area rugs, statement pieces help you create contrast and bring a focal point to your living space. Statement pieces are meant to bind spaces of your home together by acting as the centre of attention.

Do keep in mind that statement pieces should be a feature that draws attention and not distract users. As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to incorporating statement pieces in your spaces, it’s best to keep things simple and easy to comprehend – less is more!

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