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The Pros & Cons of Common Wall Types

  • 2020-12-30 11:03:25

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Walls act as the canvas of our homes, of which our lifestyles and personalities are often portrayed through. More importantly, walls take up a huge chunk of your home and living space, making it even more vital to ensure you know exactly what you want and need, from wall art to wall designs to the various types of materials used to construct and build walls.

As with all things, there is a set of pros and cons for each and every type of wall you have or are planning to have, and this guide is exactly what you should refer to, to aid you in making smart design decisions.

Here are some of The Pros & Cons of Common Wall Types, and how you should go about selecting the type of wall that best suits you!


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Ah, yes. The good old painted wall never fails to disappoint, especially when it’s done by professionals who paint walls for a living.

Usually, paint is used on drywall and plaster walls as these are two of the most common building materials used to construct walls for homes. However, don’t let this stop you from trying out bolder ideas, because who said you couldn’t paint over concrete and wood?


-Freedom to choose from a wide range of colours, mixtures and combinations

-Paint is affordable and readily available both in physical stores and online

-Painting a wall is relatively simple and straightforward


-Chipping and cracking of paint may be inevitable over time

-Issues with mould and mildew are common in our humid tropical climate


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Recent trends have seen an increase in homeowners opting for wallpapers over the traditional paint, and it’s not difficult to see why!

Wallpapers typically come in designs that are seamless and precise, giving off the effect of a well-painted wall, except that it isn’t – and it’s much harder to paint a designed wall perfectly than to simply have it pasted on as a wallpaper.


-A myriad of patterns and designs are readily available

-Textures can be fabricated and manipulated to enable a more realistic user experience

-High durability of up to 15 years of use


-Patterns and designs can quickly become dated and tacky

-Large amount of time and energy is invested in preparation and alignment works


Credit: Boydforcongress

Stone walls are great balancers of space and nature as they are excellent building materials, both in its aesthetic sense and physical properties. Furthermore, its raw silhouettes and textures make for a great statement feature in any home!

Stone brings value to a residence as natural stone is a valuable material. Natural stone is endeared for its pure and unornamented outlook, enabling a space to come off as naturally elegant and sophisticatedly unfiltered.


-Stone is naturally durable and weather resistant, hence little to no maintenance is required

-Stone is almost impossible to malleate or bend

-Its beautiful raw aesthetic comes in limitless sizes, colours and textures


-The thickness and bulkiness of stone results in a smaller floor space

-Curating a stone wall is time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly, often requiring the intervention of masonry specialists

Cement Screed

Credit: Straits Times

Cement screed has recently been gaining popularity, most likely due to the rise of the Industrial style where raw and rugged aesthetics took the world by storm – and love it or hate it, you’ve got to respect the prominence of this style!

Many homeowners take pride in the no-frills and natural look of an imperfect cement screed finish, and that’s probably the main reason why it finds itself in many of today’s homes.


-With a multitude of screeds to choose from, cement screed walls are available in various colours, grains and textures

-Cement screed requires little maintenance and can be cleaned with water

-Its raw and rugged aesthetic can pair seamlessly with wooden textures and elements


-Cement screed, when not properly and regularly sealed, can cause the growth of mould and fungus, resulting in cracks over time

-Cement screed can be very cold to the touch in colder times of the year

Wood Panelling

Credit: Nonagon Style

Wood wall panelling puts warmth and comfort at the forefront of any home. The natural beauty of wood translates to a home that sees a rise in its value!

Furthermore, there’s no reason not to opt for wood when it comes to selecting a wall type, as it’s the most environmentally-friendly decision out of every other option on this list. There are plenty of reclaimed wood options that are both cheap and equally stylish, and not forgetting to mention that wood is biodegradable too!


-Wood combines well with most materials and therefore is suitable in any interior

-Wood is easily maintained with occasional cleaning and varnishing

-The incorporation of wood in a home is bound to amplify the ambience of comfort


-Wood is not waterproof and is susceptible to rotting

-The natural moisture found in the wood will dry up and reapplication of moisture is required

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