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6 Home Appliances from Lazada Worth Investing In!

  • 2020-12-29 13:27:05

Credit: Daily Express

Online shopping and e-commerce have been the go-to solution for many of us, especially since the dawn of the pandemic, and thanks to this, anything we need is quite literally a touch of a button away! 

Previously, we covered the 5 Best Kitchen Appliances for Comfortable Living, thus, today’s review will be focused on the 6 Home Appliances from Lazada Worth Investing In, and none of them is kitchen appliances. You’ll be in for a surprise as some of the items on this list might be something you never thought you’d need!

Dyson V8 Fluffy+ Vacuum Cleaner

Credit: Dyson

Yes, we know a vacuum is a no-brainer and an absolute necessity in every household – but are you really getting good value for money with your current vacuum?

There’s the strong rationale as to why Dyson products are synonymous with reliability and are at the top of everyone’s lists when it comes to the world of vacuums. In particular, the Dyson V8, albeit it being an older model compared to the latest V11, is the best solution for an affordable yet powerful vacuum cleaner!

Furthermore, you can be rest assured knowing that Dyson’s customer service and product care protocols are of top-tier calibre, widely tested and proven by its users and returning customers!

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Nakamichi Heritage 820 Speaker

Credit: Melissackoh

Here’s one for the music lovers! The Nakamichi Heritage 820 is a beautifully-designed audio speaker system that takes pride in its retro-inspired silhouette and evergreen aesthetic.

With multiple functions such as an LED clock display, Bluetooth connection, USB port and FM Radio, it’s certainly an audio system that does it all for you. Its convenient size enables it to be portable and easily stored without taking up too much space at home.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t love a vintage statement piece at home?

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HP 2777 Wi-Fi Printer

Credit: Pineapple

Ever experienced coming home from a long day of work, only to realise you had forgotten to print a copy of that important document? I’m sure this hits close to home for many of us! Well, with a handy printer at home, you’d never have to worry about these issues ever again!

The HP 2777 Wi-Fi printer is a trusted workhorse for many. Since it’s Wi-Fi-enabled, you can print documents with the use of your laptop or mobile phone conveniently, using the HP Smart app.

Having an accessible printer at home really makes life a whole lot easier, especially since Original HP Ink Cartridges are affordable and readily available!

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TP-LINK TL-WA850RE Wi-Fi Repeater

Credit: Wifi Stock

We all know the importance of having Wi-Fi at home, but not all of us know the importance of having a Wi-Fi repeater! Chances are, you’ve experienced times where some spots in your home seem to not receive enough Wi-Fi coverage, and that’s where a Wi-Fi repeater comes in handy!

A Wi-Fi repeater aids in extending wireless signals from your Wi-Fi router to unreachable areas that are hard to access for your original router.

With this, bid goodbye to having Wi-Fi cut-offs when you’re in the toilet or in the basement!

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Philips Digital Lock EasyKey Alpha Series

Credit: Futuristic Lock 

Gone are the days where you’d get locked out of your house because you lost your keys, or worse – fearing that someone might break into your home with a lockpick or other common tools. If this rings a bell to you, your safest bet would be to invest in a digital door lock.

The Philips Digital Lock EasyKey Alpha Series is convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and relatively affordable. Fingerprint, password, and card access are features that are common in this world-renowned brand, so you’ll never have to worry about reliability!

Furthermore, with digital door locks appearing in so many Korean dramas, its popularity has also risen and it’s apparent that many homeowners have jumped in on the trend.

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Cacazi A10 Wireless Doorbell

Credit: DH Gate

With the inevitable stay-at-home lifestyle that we should all expect to embrace in the near future, we foresee the rise in demand for parcel delivery and food delivery services. We’re sure some of us are guilty of making our beloved delivery personnel wait for us to answer the door due to the soft knocking that can’t be heard from a distance away – and if that sounds like you, it’s high time for you to invest in a high-quality wireless doorbell!

The Cacazi A10 Wireless Doorbell is self-powered and does not require batteries to operate. Furthermore, its waterproof feature ensures that no amount of rain will damage this machine! At such an affordable price, it’s certainly a must for every homeowner in this day and age!

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