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Marie Kondo’s Tips & Tricks for Decluttering Your Home

  • 2020-11-17 16:47:34

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For all you minimalists and perfectionists out there – this read will be a satisfying one.

We all know how beneficial mindful organization is for the physical space, but did you know the advantages it entails for the mental space? Here is a complete guide to Marie Kondo’s most essential tips and trips for decluttering your home!

The KonMari Method

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The KonMari Method is Marie Kondo’s distinct style of decluttering and organization of items. Her unique way of arranging items by its category rather than its location is what brought her method immense success.

By utilizing this method, a typical decluttering session would look like this:

-Removing all the clothes from your wardrobe

-Removing all the books from your shelves

-Removing all the paperwork from your desks and drawers

-Removing all the miscellaneous items laying around

-Removing all the sentimental items laying around

After which, you are to go through each and every item, one by one, and reflect if it still brings joy to your heart. By engaging in this thought process with yourself, it enables you to discard of the items that are no longer sparking joy and retain the ones that still hold value to you. This way, decluttering and the organization serves as a therapeutic session that helps to not only clear the space, but to also clear your thoughts!

Mindful Addition of Furniture

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Decluttering can be quite daunting, especially if you have a mountain of items in your way, waiting to be discarded. Hence, Marie Kondo’s advice on being mindful towards purchasing furniture, is a solid reference to how we should refrain from overbuying and biting off more than we can chew.

This tip tackles the root of the issue and is a sure-fire way to ensure ease of organization the next time you practice decluttering!

Remember – without excessive possessions, there will not be a need for excessive storage solutions!

“Those storage ‘solutions’ are really just a means within which to bury possessions that spark no joy.” – Marie Kondo.

Showing Gratitude to Your Preloved Items

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Treating objects with respect is as important as how we treat the people around us. Marie Kondo advises us to ‘Thank your Home, Thank your Life.’ What this means is that we should thank any tossed item for its service before passing it along, showing gratitude for the convenience and ease of living it has brought before it was discarded.

This may seem awkward to do at first, but with all things, adequate patience and consistency is the key to a more well-organized and less stressful lifestyle.

Perhaps this should be the main takeaway from Marie Kondo – the space we live in dictates the lifestyle we lead.