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5 Best Home Interior Service Providers in Malaysia

  • 2020-11-17 13:48:39

Credit: AD Pro

Interior designers are professional service providers playing multiple roles in a design project. They act as a consultant, drafter, 3D renderer and project manager – all at once.

One could say that an interior designer is a one-stop service for all your renovation needs, but with that being said, how should you go about selecting a service provider given such an extensive range?

To narrow it down for you, we’ve done the good deed of shortlisting the 5 Best Home Interior Service Providers in Malaysia, so you can spend more energy on the design rather than the process!

D’ Concepto Design

Credit: D Concept Design

Tired of worrying about the proficiency of interior designers? Worry no more, as you can rest assured that your residence will be in good hands when D’ Concepto Design is in the picture! 

The most vital aspect of its success is its capability in being a full-fledged home interior service provider, covering an expansive range of services that will put you at ease!

With D’ Concepto Design, you’d find yourself worry-free and having confidence in leaving the job to them. This level of trust and reassurance is truly something that money can’t buy!

Matt Design

Credit: Matt Design

Are you in love with the modern look, but unsure of how to achieve it? Matt Design is your answer!

Matt Design specialises in the highly sought-after Contemporary and simplistic décor styles, with extremely positive reviews from its customer base. With awe-inspiring projects proudly showcasing the Scandinavian, Industrial and Minimalism design styles, it’s no wonder why homeowners flock to Matt Design to get a dose of that perfect home!

Norm Designhaus

Credit: Renodots

With a full range of services including consultancy, 3D spatial visualization, in-house carpentry, refurbishment, and many more, it’s no mystery as to why Norm Designhaus is such a well-respected establishment in the industry, both by its clients and its competitors.

To succinctly communicate a design to its clients, Norm Designhaus generously provides a 360 virtual reality tour of spaces, to enable reassurance and ease of accessibility to its clients. It’s not a service every firm is willing to provide – talk about dedication!

With this impeccable standard, Norm Designhaus is one of the first firms that come to mind for homeowners, and there is a solid rationale as to why it is as such.

Matthew Lim Associates

Credit: Matthew Lim

At Matthew Lim Associates, the client’s budget and schedule are of utmost importance. They are taken into consideration intensively, without compromising quality. Matthew Lim Associates takes pride in demonstrating how functionality and form can coexist, curating beautiful top-tier high-end designs.

If you’re looking for a home that creates a lasting impression, look no further. The team at Matthew Lim Associates specialise in providing a full, all-rounded service, from the start to the end, to ensure that your home is crafted in the best way possible, with the least amount of effort required by you – which is practically every homeowner’s dream!

GI Design

Credit: GI Design

GI Design knows crystal clear what homeowners sought after – reliability, functionality, and comfortability. As such, clients of GI Design never fail to compliment on the team’s efforts to put users at ease.

GI Design boasts a wide range of services inclusive of space planning, interior design, and comprehensive project management. The client’s budget and project time management is an essential aspect dealt with serious supervision by the team at GI Design.

GI Design was highly appreciated by its client for producing a cosy home design with a multi-layered muted colour palette on a condominium located in Pelangi Damansara – and the satisfaction of its client is yet another reason as to why GI Design is one of the best in the field!