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‘Centre of Attention’ by Pins Studio

  • 2020-11-13 11:47:51

Upon entry to the residence, attention is drawn to the expansive view towards the exterior of the unit. A façade of this scale enables ample ventilation and exposure, allowing sunlight to filter into space effortlessly, whilst ensuring that daylight is utilized to its fullest potential.

A soft colour palette coupled with warm neutrals screams Scandinavian – a design style sought after by many homeowners for its simplicity and elegance.

Streamlined silhouettes add a touch of modernism to space, as can be derived from the profiles of the furniture used. A light wood finish on the flooring enhances the portrayal of liveliness when daylight strikes the ground and diffuses around the space.


As we proceed leftward, an exposed kitchen area equipped with a rectilinear island centralizes the kitchen space. Directly above it is two pendant lights portraying a slightly more industrial style with its clean lines and neat silhouette.

An attention-catching partition wall painted in black sticks out prominently in the kitchen space. This stark contrast between colours instils a sense of curiosity, enticing one to approach the space and witness what it beholds.

Of course, no Scandinavian home is complete without a beautiful sliding door. The distinct grid-like frame design is an undoubtedly appealing feature of any Scandinavian home.

Furthermore, the black colourway enhances the modern look of the residence, with a tinge of a mysterious and posh ambience.

As we approach the corridor, subtle yet efficient techniques such as the use of recessed ceiling lighting and textured walls, help to liven up the otherwise gloomy corridor area.

The corridor is an often-overlooked space as it tends to be narrower compared to other parts of the residence. However, the importance of a corridor is in its function of connecting spaces – and the experience it brings when one is transitioning from one area to another in the residence.

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The minimalist theme is carried throughout the residence, not forgetting that furniture plays a vital role in achieving a robust design.

Taking advantage of the sunlight filtering into the bedroom, subtle biophilia is added into the space to enhance the mood and bring energy into the space. Greenery when used strategically with other natural elements such as wood and sunlight, can help to create a comfortable and soothing ambience.

Alas, the master bedroom embodies the perfect balance of light and dark. The aptly selected grey colourway enables a sense of comfort and stability – whilst merging with the abundant daylight to ensure the room is not too gloomy.

Of course, greenery is subtly incorporated into the space with an additional touch of earthy tones derived from the beige rug.

The project is a potent mixture of Scandinavian and Contemporary, emphasising on the essence of simplicity and comfort – it’s not difficult to see why it’s coined the ‘Centre of Attention.’