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Malaysia’s Best Interior Landscape Designers & Their Designs

  • 2020-11-03 17:20:12

Credit: Haarkon

The art of planning, arranging, and caring for living plants in a closed setting defines interior landscaping.

Simply put, interior landscapes often include the use of lighting, colours, sculptural elements, and focal spaces designed coherently to create an overall natural atmosphere, similar to that of actual outdoor landscape environments.

The concept of interior landscaping may be tricky to grasp initially – especially if you’re looking for reliable designers who can provide you with professional landscaping services for your home.

Therefore, without further ado, allow us to present a list of stellar designers and their projects, that truly and justly reflect the valuable art of interior landscaping!

Code Red Studio

Credit: Code Red Studio

The Artist House @ Kulai, Johor Bahru, has a modern landscape design which merges seamlessly with the architectural character of the residence. The subtle silhouettes of the biophilia and concrete pathways find itself connecting with the minimalist theme of the Artist House.

Code Red Studio is a prominent figure in the interior design and architecture industry. By bringing our focus to the landscaping seen in this project, it is apparent that meticulous planning and execution has been invested into realising this project.

Code Red Studio’s customer-oriented services and stringent code of conduct has evidently propelled itself forward, winning over the hearts of its clients!

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Exhale Group

Credit: Exhale Group

Exhale Group is synonymous with award-winning international architecture and interior design projects. Renowned for its excellence in design, Exhale Group is a top choice for homeowners of high-end residences – simply because top-tier designers attract top-tier clients!

With luxurious residences come lavish landscape architecture and designs, and Exhale Group is undeniably an industrial powerhouse when it boils down to the cream of the crop landscaping prowess, resulting in unparalleled end products.

A glimpse into any one of Exhale Group’s projects will narrate a story of utmost quality and finesse, taking this ‘No.40’ private residence in Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia, for example, as it proudly holds the  International Property Award in the category of Architecture Single Residence.

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Konzept Garden

Credit: Konzept Garden

If you’re having trouble coming up with designs for your home garden, look no further – Konzept Garden is your best bet when it comes to residential landscaping solutions!

With more than 20 years of experience, the team at Konzept Garden is a reliable and budget-friendly consultant, designer, and contractor all in one! Aside from landscape design, services such as laying of artificial turf catered specifically to your home are also readily available upon request.

At Konzept Garden, you’d never have to worry about quality, as the team offers carefully designed landscapes crafted to suit your preferences, all while prioritizing sustainability. Furthermore, the firm is a recipient of a staggering 15 design awards, and that should be more than enough to showcase Konzept Garden’s success in the landscaping industry!

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Apart from encouraging environmental awareness and sustainability, interior landscaping is also an avenue to great design solutions. By incorporating greenery into a space, one can skilfully bring in the outdoors – a task that requires steep experience and knowledge in landscaping.

We hope this list has helped to bring you some insight to interior landscaping. If you ever wish to jump into the landscaping scene, you now know who to look for!