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Norm Designhaus @ KL

An expressive colour palette and top-tier materiality fill the space with an eloquent ambience. Right off the bat, the abode exudes a luxurious aura with its intricate design and highly detailed interior.

A masterfully designed false ceiling is incorporated with mirror tiles laid above the space, once again emphasizing the absolute grandeur this abode embodies.

The mirror tiles also aid in maximizing the potential of natural light through its reflective capabilities, thus enabling the diffusion of light throughout the space.


The approach into the abode showcases the effects of successful optical optimization. The full-height mirror situated against the wall, enables the corridor approach to seem and feel wider than it is.

Let us not overlook the premium grade of wood used on the main walls of the approach. The dark tones of the wood integrate impeccably with the dominantly white wall art. From this alone, a pleasant first impression is certain.

As we advance further into the abode, the emphasis on intricate detailing starts to set in.

Seats with a streamlined design supports the modern-minimalist concept of the space, alongside with a suspended installation at the dining area, providing an extra touch of finesse to the luxurious ambience.

An aptly situated slat partition is also incorporated to subtly demarcate the spaces within the abode.

Minimal clutter in the bedroom is achieved by using clean lines and rectilinear profiles. An industrial touch is added to the master bedroom with the incorporation of unique bedside lamps.

The mellow colour palette is brought forward into the bedrooms. The beauty of this colour palette is in its adaptability. It crafts a luxurious ambience in the living space, and at the same time possesses the capability of instilling a sense of comfort and warmth in spaces that require it, such as in bedrooms. The potential of this design is limitless, especially when paired with a well-chosen colour scheme.

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