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Top 3 IKEA Kitchen Hacks

IKEA's furniture is world-renowned for its affordability and reliability. However, a hidden selling point is how interactive IKEA’s furniture is, in a sense that many of which are required to be fixed by buyers themselves.

Apart from the sense of achievement and involvement buyers receive upon successfully putting together a piece of furniture, it also provides many opportunities for freedom and creativity, when it comes to making good use of furniture in an ingenious way.

Therefore, here at Renodots, we have curated a list of the Top 3 IKEA Kitchen Hacks that you can start using today, to craft that unique and personalized kitchen space you’ve always wanted!

#1 – Food Storage & Organization

Credit: Pinterest

The RASKOG cart is essentially a portable storage compartment. With a streamlined profile and modern colours, the RASKOG cart is a thing of beauty. It comes in handy in just about every room — especially in the kitchen where miscellaneous items such as containers and condiments tend to end up in clutter.

Furthermore, with the RASKOG cart being portable, it can be easily wheeled around to another location, whether the aim is to have it hidden or to be proudly displayed.

#2 – Interior Fittings

Credit: YouTube

The PAX system was originally designed to serve as a wardrobe, but creativity never fails to amaze us. As can be seen, the PAX system can be cleverly used as a kitchen pantry, housing dried goods, spices, and even kitchenware.

The customization options of the PAX system are simply limitless. The dimensions of the shelves can be fully adjusted to suit the space required. The best feature out of it all is the fact that the PAX system seamlessly integrates with the kitchen space, as it has a custom-fit outlook akin to that of a built-in pantry.

Not only does this system resolve storage issues, but it is also aesthetically pleasing and is sure to receive compliments from guests!

#3 – Kitchen Wall Storage

Credit: Pinimg

The LURÖY bed slat is yet another ingenious way to utilize IKEA’s furniture. Although it may sound unusual to bring furniture meant for a bedroom into the kitchen, you need to hear us out – the LURÖY bed slat is an extremely affordable yet efficient method to store kitchenware against a wall.

Items such as pots, pans and utensils usually take up a lot of space in cabinets and kitchen drawers. However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With the LURÖY bed slat, these items can simply be hung from the slats to provide a clutter-free and easily accessible storage compartment.

Who would have thought bed slats could be of such great use in the kitchen?

*With this comes the end of this list, and we hope that you’ve found some of these tips useful – or at least piqued your interest ever so slightly. Do keep a lookout for these items the next time you visit IKEA, or maybe even come up with new hacks and take the internet by storm!*