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REVO Interior Design

A refreshing, nature-filled yard space greets users upon entry to the abode. The finely laid turf surrounds the stepping stones leading to the interior of the home.

With this, a clear direction of travel is implied and visually guides users to the next part of their journey through the home.

An eye-catching feature on the façade of the home is sure to capture the attention of visitors. A glass-encased porch boasts a fine quality of architectural design, whereby the c

The ambiguity in this design provides an intriguing spatial engagement for users to fathom over.

One of the more apparent perks of having such an amazing feature such as this glass-encased porch, is that there is simply an endless amount of potential that can be brought into this space. One of many examples would be to bring the dining experience into this space, and quite simply, a picturesque dinner under the sunset can be achieved.

Furthermore, the wooden flooring incorporated into this space merges seamlessly with the greenery surrounding this awe-inspiring glass cube.

As we advance further into the interior of the home, a robust blend of wooden tones, white planes and dark accents can be seen. It is rather difficult to go wrong with such a colour palette, as they integrate with one another seamlessly. The recessed strip lighting on the ceiling adds a touch of minimalism to space, keeping the profile of the home flushed and neat.

Additional accent lighting is incorporated into the bookshelf, bringing out the books on display, especially since the contrast provided by the dark tone of the bookshelf is prominent against the yellow tone of the accent lighting.

Strategically situated next to the porch, the dining area is highlighted by the sunlight filtering into the space. The wooden texture of the dining table integrates well with the sunlight, bringing attention to the excellent finish on the dining table.

The suspended lighting and spotlights above the dining area is unmistakably industrial, once again portraying simplicity and minimalism, both of which are essential tools when it comes to crafting an interior space that will always keep up with the times.

Both counters in the kitchen are dressed in a wooden top and a dark matte body. This combination expresses modernism and minimalism. Spotlights highlighting the overhead kitchen cabinets serve the purpose of bringing the dark tones to the forefront of the scene, which might otherwise be overlooked and underappreciated.

A storage compartment is strategically placed above the island, to maximize the potential of the kitchen’s volume. This also aids in eliminating clutter and obstruction.

The combination of wooden tones and a dark colour palette transitions into the main kitchen space. Not only is this combination aesthetically pleasing, it is also functionally sound. Dark colours tend to hide dirt and spots easily, thus rendering it extremely apt for the kitchen, where spills and splashes tend to occur most when cooking.

The sink and the kitchen counter are dressed in a similar fashion to further bring out the posh ambience of this space.

A warmer, more relaxed ambience is felt in the bedroom, whereby a tinge of orange is incorporated into the colour scheme. The defined lighting fixture seated atop the feature wall against the bed, successfully bringing out the main source of warmth in this space. Without a doubt, this space intends to portray comfort, as a bedroom should.

The transparency of this walk-in wardrobe helps enable ease of accessibility, aiding users in selecting clothes without having to slide open the panels individually. This feature helps to save time, and at the same time, brighten the space through the sunlight reflecting off the transparent panels.

With the finishing touch of this walk-in wardrobe, the abode is complete.

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