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Tips and Tricks on DIY Home Gardening

Tips and Tricks on DIY Home Gardening

Technological advancements and changes in lifestyle have meant that more time is spent away from nature. Whenever we garner inspiration to start a home garden, second thoughts tend to stop us in our tracks. We are often intimidated by the fact that plants are living things and living things require a certain degree of ‘TLC,’  otherwise known as ‘Tender and Loving Care.’ 

Therefore, here at Renodots, we’re helping you take that difficult first step toward a successful home garden, with our curated list of useful tips and tricks to help you achieve that ‘green dream!’

#1 - The Best Indoor Plants to Grow at Home

Fiddle Leaf Figs

Credit: The Nun Head

Fiddle Leaf Figs are one of the more well-known house plants. They can be presented in various different ways, whether as a tree or as a small potter. Ensure that it is watered once a week and kept under shelter, with adequate sunlight. It is an easy plant to manage in the long run.


Credit: Garden Design

Bougainvilleas bring in touches of colour, among the greenery. If you have a garden, you can just leave a pot out and water it every week, the Malaysian weather will do the rest. Throughout the year, you will be treated to purple, red and white blooms, if the plant is well taken care of!

Money Plant

Credit: My Green Chapter

There is the rationale behind the Money Plant being otherwise known as the Devil’s Ivy. It is extremely hard to kill and stays green even when kept in the dark. This hence makes maintenance fuss-free and straightforward. However, if you have pets, be sure to hang this one up high because it is toxic to cats and dogs.

#2 - Placement of Plants

Kitchen Plants

Credit: Country Living Magazine

The kitchen is often underrated when it comes to placement of houseplants. However, this is where plants are likely to thrive, due to the humidity and sunlight kitchens usually provide! Additionally, having plants in the kitchen help induce a positive mood when preparing food.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Credit: Earth911

As awkward as it may sound, toilet paper rolls are great alternatives for plant pots. The brown colour tone of cardboard, seamlessly integrate with the green tones of plants. You’re also being environmentally friendly while you’re at it!

#3 Vegetables You Can Grow at Home!

Cili Padi

Credit: Soon Huat Seed

Cili Padi chillies are one of the easiest vegetable seeds to grow and maintain. They can grow in any type of soil from sandy soil conditions to rich soil conditions; and they like humid climates and moisture, making them perfect to grow in Malaysia.

Choy Sum

Credit: Carousell

Choy Sum is a delicious vegetable that is not only easy to grow but easy to cook as well. As for the vegetable seeds, Choy Sum prefers fertile well-drained soil. Grow the vegetable seeds in a sunny location. The soil should be moist, and for optimum development, fertilizer is needed.


Credit: Gardening Know How

Growing yellow eggplant or Terung Telunjuk in Malaysia is very prolific. The seeds need a fertile, well-drained organic soil; it’s important to keep the soil moist to promote maximum growth.  It’s very important to begin to harvest eggplants as soon as the first fruit reaches a desirable size.

We hope this information has given you some inspiration to start your own garden at home!

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