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Project by Triple Group Design

The concept of purity is vividly expressed in this resounding project. A clean interior rid of distraction inject tranquillity into the residence, enabling it to be a timeless piece which in turns introduces luxury and grandeur, in a minimalist yet stirring format. The aptly selected muted colour palette in the living area is a firm base for building the imagery of comfort, minimalism and tranquillity. 

With the mixture of rectilinear and streamlined peripherals in the space, a satisfying and visually well-balanced living area is achieved. Furthermore, bits and pieces of intricately placed greenery further enhance the effects of calmness, brought about by the integration of nature in this design.

Right off the bat, the walk-in closet successfully portrays a luxurious ambience. The full-height glass panels with dark trims borrow the concepts of scale and proportion, to enable a visual portrayal of spaciousness. The sheer height of this area teases at users to enter a space that is designed to seem grand and welcoming.

The focus on materials and detailing is extremely apparent, especially in the dining area. The streamlined design of the dining table and chairs alongside the pendant lights, prove to be a match made in heaven. A unique character is injected into space, whereby a sense of quirkiness can be anticipated, yet maintaining a luxurious ambience in the overall design. Furthermore, the vertical panels running on the surface of the rectilinear island, enable it to capture the attention of users, hence providing a seamless transition from the dining area toward the kitchen area. 

As we advance further into the kitchen area, the first thing that captures the attention of users, is the intelligently integrated black window frame, at the end of the kitchen. As windows serve a purpose of allowing sunlight to filter into space, the usage of a black window frame can help enable a more pronounced effect, due to the stark contrast between the brightness of sunlight, and the darkness of the colour black.

Additionally, the fine selection of textures enhances the effect of visual satisfaction. The grainy texture of wood and the glossy texture of glass, seamlessly integrate to form a well-balanced space that possesses the best of both worlds. This brings about a fully dimensional effect.

The interesting aspect of this kitchen space is the fact that white porcelain tiles are used to divide the upper and lower part of the space. This feature brings attention to the area used for cooking, thus enabling users to better focus on the task at hand, especially since risky activities such as cutting and boiling take place there.

A similar colourway is carried throughout the residence into the bedroom. A sizeable gray rug is strategically placed beneath the bed, with an intent to bring out the beauty of the surroundings of this space. An emphasis is placed on the bed, especially with the deliberately installed cove lighting framing the bed. In essence, these strategies serve the purpose of instilling luxury, comfort and simplicity in this residence.

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