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Lanai Residences, Bukit Jalil by YMYS Carpentry

There is a rationale as to why carpentry is a highly skilled trade, and this project prominently supports that very statement. The processes of measuring, cutting, and laying of materials, when done with passion and intricacy, breathe new life into spaces.

Right off the bat, an arsenal of wooden tones is effectively applied in this space. The use of wooden textures is not as straightforward as it seems, as a careful selection process is undertaken, to determine the most suitable colour palette for every individual surface.

In this instance, the dining table is dressed in a light shade of beige, alongside a smooth finish which aids in bouncing light off its surface. Additionally, the introduction of subtle biophilia as well as clear ornaments such as the empty bottle, further enhance the atmospheric element of nature, freshness, and tranquillity.

Taking a further look into space, another choice of colour is also used to help create visual balance in the space. As can be observed from these two perspectives, white is utilized to balance out the otherwise heavy wooden tones.

A white-painted ceiling and a white marble slab on the kitchen counter, successfully create a comfortable and relaxing ambience, despite its difference in materiality. This mesmerizing integration of two colourways and two materials create a visual balance without inducing too drastic of visual contrast.

Bringing attention to the two pendant lights, commendation must be given where its due. The deliberate use of a round profile on the pendant lights serves a subtle yet significant motive. Since rectilinear forms such as the dining table, kitchen counter and kitchen cabinets dominate the space, the introduction of a round profile on the pendant lights aptly and effectively create a stark contrast among the forms that can be found in the space. This design technique serves the purpose of bringing the attention of users to the deliberately outcast round-profiled pendant lights, amongst a myriad of rectilinear forms.

Finally, the utilization of full-height mirrors, especially at a location where an abundance of sunlight filters in, is yet another effective technique used to maximize space, albeit it being a form of optical illusion. Mirrors are used to enable spaces to look and feel bigger than they are.

Beautifully crafted handles and latches on the kitchen storage compartments, are further proof of carefully curated designs and considerations. By keeping latches recessed, space is maximized and thus reduces clutter in the kitchen.

This is an essential consideration, as a compressed space can easily cause claustrophobia and reduce the efficiency of basic day-to-day activities, such as cooking, cleaning and housekeeping.

The attention to detail in the workmanship of this space enables a desirable ambience, sought after by an abundance of homeowners, and this is often achieved through passionate design such as this.

The thoughtful

design of rises and drops in this space is essential to ensure the comfortability of a space. It is not satisfying to be in a space that caters specifically to the target user.

After all, home is where your heart belongs, and it is only right that we invest in things that truly matter.

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