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Semi-D, Bandar Parklands by Matt Design

Elegantly dressed in modern-contemporary, this 2300 square-foot residence expresses itself as the epitome of comfortable living. The monochromatic colour palette of the living room fuses impeccably with the softer, muted tones of the accent wall and the ceramic flooring.  This distinct style focuses on simple form and function, as can be seen by the humble, minimalistic profiles of the furniture and storage compartments. It most certainly is a blessing to come home to such an ambience, after a long and productive day at work.


Intricate detailing plays a vital role in a well-designed interior space. In this case, the industrial-style pendant lights portray an essential, yet often overlooked principle of design, visual contrast. The chunky, metallic frames of the pendant lights successfully bring the dining area to the foreground, highlighting the space in a simple yet effective way.

The kitchen wall cut-out embodies the simple concept of transparency. Open sightlines of a modern cut-out or indoor window make adjoining spaces appear more interesting and spacious. A cut-out can bring natural light from an adjoining room into a dreary kitchen, which can vastly improve its atmosphere.

The earthy tones of the dining table and dining chairs blend in well with the plain white walls. This colour scheme is chosen primarily due to the natural properties that an earthy colour palette has on appetite. Earthy tones are warm and instil a sense of comfort and safety, ultimately enabling a space to be conducive for eating. As the saying goes, “you eat with your eyes first.”

Clean and crisp lines define the kitchen. The marble finish on the countertops adds a simple touch of elegance to the space. Strip lights installed above the countertops also instil a sense of warmth to the white-dominant space.

Simple and well-organized storage compartments perfectly suit the kitchen of a house focused on comfort and accessibility.

Bringing over the monochromatic colour palette of the living area, this part of the kitchen wonderfully expresses the beauty of simplicity. Darker tones used on the bottom half of the sink area help to visually minimize the sense of clutter and obstruction.

Additionally, utilizing a darker colour palette is always a smart choice as darker colours make cleaning up less of a chore, as it tends to hide spots and speckles better.


The study area introduces an earthy tone, thus invoking bringing in a natural ambience. The overhead shelving has segments with various sizes. This organic look helps to bring out the character of this space.

With daylight pouring into space, the brown colour scheme of the study area is a perfect match with this room’s location. Warmth, comfort and conduciveness would be the key words of this space.


The master bedroom best justifies the use of a monochromatic colour palette in this residence. From the two persepctives alone, a sense of relaxation can be felt. It has to do with the way we perceive colours and its emotional properties.

Rest is an essential part of our daily lives, and many of us are guilty of overlooking the importance of quality sleep. The only time we are truly at rest is during sleep, thus it is only right to invest more in the design and ambience of our bedrooms. The aptly situated cove lighting framing the bedside mirror, further enhances the effect of the mellow tones in this room.


The sheer proportion of a double-decker bed adds visual volume to this bedroom. Height is an effective agent used to portray contrast and this design precisely does the job. Furthermore, the slotted panel on the double-decker bed creates porosity for daylight to filter in. This reduces the claustrophobic effect that a fully framed-up sleeping resting area would have.

Additionally, the steps leading up to the top of the bed seamlessly integrate themselves with the main frame of the double-decker bed. This conjoined design successfully portrays a full, sculpture-like aesthetic to this bedroom.

Donning a humble and chaste modernistic design, this bedroom is rid of unnecessary ornamentation. The functions within this room are clearly demarcated via the allocation of spaces. Clear-cut and fuss-free symmetric designs are what makes this bedroom simple, yet sufficient.

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