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3 Best Online Platforms to Buy Your Household Essentials

Credit: I Visit Korea

With the arrival of COVID-19, even basic day-to-day tasks present themselves with difficulty. Restrictions and safety concerns obstruct us from doing the simplest of things, such as dropping by the store to restock on household items like detergent, toiletries, and practically everything else. Thankfully, we’re living in a digital age whereby almost everything can be comfortably purchased online, regardless of distance.

Thus, here is a curated list of the 3 Best Online Platforms to Buy Your Household Essentials, the next time you need it.

Credit: Brand New

#1 Lazada

Lazada shouldn’t sound foreign to most of us by now, even if you’ve never spent a single cent on its platform. However, here’s one reason why you should; it’s coined as the ‘Amazon of Asia,’ and if that’s not enough reason to convince you, Lazada is the biggest e-commerce platform in the Southeast Asian region. Apart from its acclaimed reputation, Lazada boasts excellent customer service, whereby everything on its platform is integrated, from the booking, the tracking, to the delivery of items.

Lazada has an extremely extensive catalogue of items for sale on its platform, and it’s safe to say that everything you could think of buying can be found on Lazada – including everyday items such as household products. Well, that seems to justify why Lazada is such a widely used platform, especially in Malaysia.

Credit: Dollars and Sense

#2 Shopee

Make no mistake, Shopee is most certainly a force to be reckoned with, and is arguably more well-known as compared to Lazada, thanks to brand ambassadors such as the football star, Cristiano Ronaldo! With just four years in operation, Shopee has become the top E-commerce platform in the region with more than 8000 employees across 8 countries in SEA, Taiwan, and Brazil.

But hear me out on why Shopee is ranked #2 on this list specifically. Shopee is a well-known platform for its speedy delivery of items. From payment to delivery, it would take 1-4 days for the buyer to receive the items, as compared to the slower rate of 2-4 days Lazada’s platform. However, the deciding factor is this; Shopee has a sizeably higher shipping fee as compared to its rival, Lazada, and for items such as household products, buyers usually tend to buy in bulk.

This makes Shopee an inefficient and counter-intuitive choice for buyers who are looking to buy items in bulk, as the shipping fee would probably end up being higher than expected.

Credit: Clever Tap

#3 Carousell

Last but not least, a platform we’re all familiar with. Carousell is a platform whereby users can buy and sell new or used goods. Buyers deal with direct owners of the listed item, and that’s what makes shopping for household products on Carousell interesting. In a scenario whereby buyers are looking for a specific household product that isn’t readily available in stores or major platforms, a quick search on Carousell could probably do the job, if you’re lucky enough to come across a like-minded seller carrying that particular product, that is.

Otherwise, it would make more sense for one to shop for mainstream household products on mainstream platforms instead, such as Lazada and Shopee.

On a side note, the upcoming 9.9, 10.10 and 11.11 sales on both Lazada and Shopee are not to be missed! Mark your calendars and take hold of the insanely anticipated flash deals that are coming up on their platforms!

With that said, we hope this list has been helpful!

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