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Products You Need For A Scandinavian Home

It is not uncommon to hear someone lusting after that “Scandinavian” home. It is a term so frequently thrown around, that it has become synonymous with minimalism, whites and wood, and a deliberate, calculated feel of deliberate sparseness. 

However, the traditional Nordic design does differ slightly from our perception. Rooted in practicality, the Scandinavians originally decked out their homes in woods native to that region, and these trees happen to yield slabs that are darker in tone than the light oak we’ve grown to accept is key to a good Nordic home. 

As the theme gained traction though, it seemed to have shed the hallmarks of the latter and picked up cues and features from the former. Modern Scandinavian design features a primarily monochromatic colour scheme, only broken up by the occasional slab of wood.

Credit: Pinterest

Is Carpentry Taboo In Nordic Design?

A theme and a people so rooted in simplicity and minimalism, that you’d expect fancy built-in cabinets to be a source of controversy. The native Nordics could have done without built-ins, and many of them did. But their lifestyle greatly differs from ours, and we simply are unable to live in a space devoid of carefully optimised carpentry.

As a whole, the designer inner circles in this part of the world has learnt to embrace carpentry with nordic interior design. By applying the same principles (keeping things simple and minimal), we can still achieve the desired look and feel but without sacrificing on that clean aesthetic. Just make sure you avoid opting for handles, or any loud and brash colours if possible.

So, If Not Everyone Agrees On Built-In Cabinets And Furniture, What Produces Do I Need To Style My Home?

We’ve got you covered. Here are 4 of our favourites!

4. Artificial Day Light System

Credit: Arch Daily

Scandinavian design is all about optimising the natural light flow. You then pair that light, with lighter colours, and furniture that is respectful of the monochromatic colour scheme you’re shooting for. 

However, the reality is often less ideal. You may have spaces that lack windows or a good dose of natural lighting, making it harder to pull that look off. Enter the world of artificial daylight panels. They are becoming increasingly commonplace, and are being touted as a good substitute for natural sunlight, with manufacturers even claiming all the health benefits of natural sunlight with none of the potential skin-cancer risks. There are many retailers that carry these panels, but if you’re after a quality panel manufactured by a reputable brand, you may want to wait a while more, as Samsung is working on their version of such a panel!

3. IKEA YPPERLIG Collection

Credit: Design Hunter

Could this be considered yet another IKEA hack? In 2002, IKEA announced a partnership with Danish Industrial Designers, HAY, to create a line of furniture. IKEA claims that these pieces have a straightforward, functional and aesthetic design, and who are we to argue with them?

Their dining table will fit into most Nordic-themed homes with little bother, and the same can be said for their side table and lamps. They used to stock their dining chairs in grey and with fabric trimmings, which is more suitable if you’re going to be seated for prolonged periods of time. Still, if you’re after quality, name-brand items at a palatable price tag, this is probably your best bet!

2.  i-star Portable Smart Table with Bluetooth Speaker

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If you’re after a unique piece that is sure to get your guests talking, consider adding this item to your shopping list. You’d have thought that combining so many different functions (this product is not only a bluetooth speaker, it is a side table, power bank and wireless charger too!) would be just a recipe for aesthetic disaster. However, the opposite is true.

Let’s start with the speaker bit of this table. It has plenty of audio horsepowers, and is capable of projecting high-fidelity surround sound throughout your living room. The table part of this product is equally impressive. Built out of high-quality walnut hardwood, it is extremely durable and can take a decent chunk of weight. The onboard batteries are 6600mAh, good for 7 hours of continuous music with just one charge. 

1. Eames DSW Dining Chair

Credit: Corso-Europa

You’d have probably seen this iconic piece of 20th-century industrial design. The Eames DSW Dining Chair was originally penned in 1950 by Charles and Ray Eames. It may be over 70 years old, but the product still looks fresh and relevant, a testimony to their motto that “details are not details, they make the design”.

They paired a single, injection moulded plastic seat back, with wooden legs. The assembly is tied together with an intricate yet organic metal structure, that adds yet another subtle touch to the overall design. Chances are, that the DSW chairs you’ve been exposed to are replicas, as the original item is extremely pricey. Still, even the knock-offs remain a popular choice for homeowners and interior stylists!

Nordic design or not, our interior designers are always up to the challenge! They all have years of experience managing a wide variety of different projects and can tackle pretty much anything you can throw at them (figuratively speaking, please do not actually throw items at our partners when you meet them!). If you’re seeking a quality renovation contractor or Interior Designer for your next project, consider engaging us now!