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Shows To Watch For Renovation Ideas!

Pinterest is a great resource if you’re after some interior design ideas for your next renovation project. So too is Instagram, if you’re following the right accounts. However, constant scrolling for new ideas can be tedious and not be a fruitful exercise if you don’t know where or how to look. 

There is a more entertaining way to get lost in fancy interiors crafted by award-winning designers that will not result in thumb fatigue. Instead, grab that popcorn, and put on any of the shows we’re about to list in this article for some inspiration for your new home!

4) Brooklyn99 - Season 2, Episode 12

Credit: Stephanie Beatriz

You probably didn’t expect to see a cop comedy on this list, didn’t you? You don’t usually get to see any fancy homes in the series, as it is centred around the HQ of the 99th precinct of the NYPD, but there are episodes where the producers have written the storyline around the characters mingling in some choice spaces. 

In this particular episode, the cast is brought to a beach house, with a simple but comfortable resort-like vibe. There is a muted colour palette, with no obvious contrast colours to help lend to that bright and airy vibe. Textures and surfaces are employed to further amplify said vibe, with the use of a brick feature wall, shaker-style cabinets, fluted panelling, and even a subway-tiled backsplash for a touch of Americana in this otherwise European-feeling holiday home. It even features an outdoor jacuzzi!

3) Fifty Shades Of Grey

Credit: Screen Daily

You may not want to take inspiration from every single room in this movie, but the general vibe is excellent if you’d like cues of subtle luxury in your own space. The apartment certainly isn’t lacking in the square footage department, but it is the way the set designers have prioritised usable space that makes it all the more luxurious. 

The colour palette for this interior is fairly conservative, but with a few rebellious pops of colour dotting space. It is otherwise in-line with what you’d associate with contemporary design. The main living area will not look out of place in a first-class lounge - soft lighting and the carefully curated choice of furniture really helps to complete the feel. It isn’t saturated with brand-name pieces; in fact, you can almost call the space sparse, but it is that same sparseness that lends itself to have a classy and upmarket feel without being too obnoxiously luxurious.

2) 2001: Space Odyssey

Credit: Curbed

Minimalism is the name of the game in this classic from 2001. The blues, neons and complicated looking gadgets that we stereotypically associate with sci-fi movies are forgone, with the set designers opting to use plenty of white, both for the finishes and for the lighting, to achieve that futuristic feel instead. 

If you thought the interior in Fifty Shades was sparse, this takes it to a whole new level. Though it has been done in a refreshingly tasteful way; eclectic and organically-shaped furniture in bright colours are dotted around the place, making for an interesting overall aesthetic that is sure to get your guests, if you decide to model your home after the spaces in this movie, talking!

1) Crimson Peak, 2015

Credit: Michael Murphy

It may be a horror movie and thus be yet another unexpected show to draw interior design inspiration from, but if you’re after a gothic yet eclectic interior, there may be no better show than this.

On the surface, it may seem like just a dilapidated and dimly-lit house that is haunted and in some desperate need of whole doses of TLC, but look past its facade, and you’ll find some noteworthy touches that you can use in your own space. The property features hand-painted butterfly wallpaper, jaw-droppingly impressive stone fireplaces, and a delightfully grand, albeit slightly creepy, a staircase that oozes old-world charm. 

Getting inspiration from shows may possibly be a more fun and entertaining way to seek out design ideas for your new home. Sure, having an idea of what you want to do to your space certainly hasn’t harmed any homeowner, but executing your vision can be a daunting task if you’ve never renovated space before. Our interior designers can most definitely help you! They are all well equipped to take on even the most demanding of projects and have a fairly comprehensive portfolio to back up that claim. If you’re intrigued, get in touch with one of our partners over here!