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Smart TVs Compared!

All the major works in your home renovation are about done. You’re already gone ahead and bought most of the items that you need to turn a nicely done up but currently empty space, into a home.

But there is a glaring omission - the television. With so many different makes and models, promising so many different features and at hugely varied price points, you’d like to spend some extra time doing some thorough research to make sure you don’t regret your purchase later on. 

Fret no more - in this article, we take a look at 4 standout TVs from 4 drastically different price points to discern which suits you the best!

Low End - Philips 32 Inch 5500 Series HD LED TVs 32PHT5583/68

Credit: Philips Malaysia

Pared-back it may be, but Philips definitely knows how to make a quality TV. They’ve chosen to omit most of the frills featured in more expensive units, redirecting all of that R&D money to developing a superior panel instead. It may only be RM540, but it certainly packs a decent punch; you may not get a Full HD panel, but its impressive 200hz refresh rate and their Pixel Plus HD engine, means you get images with deep and beautiful contrast. 

The display is crisper, delivering superior colour reproductions with its brighter whites and blacker blacks. Sound is taken care off by two 6 watt front-facing speakers that better optimise audio fidelity but at the slight expense of overall aesthetics. This TV has the bare minimum Connectivity-wise, but that is enough for the bulk of us; it has USB playback capabilities and 2 HDMI ports. It’s an easy-to-use content browser, and compatibility with most major content formats make it a breeze to use!

Low-To-Mid Tier - Sharp 42-Inch Full HD TV 2TC42BD1X

Credit: Lazada

Most modern TV Feature Walls will look disproportionate with a 32 inch TV. A larger unit, like this 42 inches from Sharp, can better fill the space and make for a better overall look. At RM900, it is as near as makes no difference, twice the price of the Philips above. The heftier price tag boils down to over-engineering on Sharp’s part. That should translate into additional durability and improved build quality; their entire range meets the most stringent of Japanese quality standards and can withstand sustained misuse safely. 

At this price point, you get a panel with similar properties to the Philips, but with a few key differences. It is of a higher resolution, offering Full HD visuals, and comes with a backlight. You can also more precisely adjust the TV’s colour and noise reduction features. Sound recreation is handled by two 7.5 watt speakers. 

It’s Smart UI also comes in a wide variety of languages, and that includes the ones commonly used in this part of the world!

Mid-To-High End - Samsung QA55Q95TA 55" 4K QLED Smart TV

Credit: TechHive

At RM9000, we’re getting into some serious coin here. The manufacturers are justifying the price tag, with the promise of even more superior panels and technology built into these units. This Samsung promises to display ultra-deep blacks and pure whites as nature intended them to be. Additional depth is created with its concentrated zones of precision-controlled backlights. Its ultra-wide viewing angle also means a consistent picture, even if you’re seated to the side of the TV. 

Samsung has equipped this TV with a powerful processor that optimises picture quality to improve all your content. This improvement manifests itself through its 4K AI Upscaling, that automatically analyzes the input source to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and define edges around objects and text. Screen brightness is also dynamically adjusted for optimal viewing. 

As with most higher-end products, looks are as important as its performance, and it doesn’t disappoint on this front too. It has a No Gap Wall-Mount, that lets you mount your TV flush against the wall for a seamless look. With this mount, only one nearly invisible cable is present, and that is sufficient to connect to all of your external devices without compromising on your design.


High End - LG Signature OLED77W9 77" 4K Smart OLED TV

Credit: Harvey Norman Malaysia

If we told you that something you needed was on a 27% discount, chances are that you’d have rushed right out and bought the said item. After all, retailers don’t often dangle the steep discount carrot to lure customers in and shift their inventory. However, you may want to rethink that move, as this LG TV will still set you back a whopping RM50,000 post discount. You can buy a brand new Proton Iriz 1.6L Executive for that price!

What bang do you get for your buck then? What commands such a huge premium over any of the other TVs in this list? 

It is one of the growing numbers of high-end TVs with a wallpaper mode. This means the TV defaults to simulate a painting when not in use, helping it more harmoniously blend into your interior design by looking more like a feature and less like an awkward, and slightly glossy, rectangular box hung on one of your walls. What aids it in its accurate simulation, also helps it perform when it is used for its intended purpose - the panel in this TV accurately reproduces black colours to bring out even the darkest of details. 

The 8.3 million individually lit pixels in it also helps to create some truly life-like images; its wide breadth of colour, combined with an AI-enabled processor, helps to reduce noise and improve image quality even further. Other premium features include AirPlay integration, which allows you to effortlessly share movies from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can even play music on every LG AI TV and other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers in your home at the same time, and all in sync too! It is also compatible with most smart assistants available on the market!

Ultimately, you’ll have to assess your wants and your needs to see which TV is best suited for your application. Your budget is just as important as well. If you’re after a TV that will get your guests talking, and have the deep pockets to achieve that goal, consider the LG. For most applications, the Sharp’s decent quality and low barrier of entry offer the best value. A decent performing panel and fairly generous smart features are ruthlessly effective at disguising its relatively affordable price tag!