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Renovation : Never Save On These Items!

There’s no escaping from the fact that a renovation is expensive. You’re replacing and redoing every surface in your space, so it makes sense that pricing can be exorbitant at times. 

As such, it is not uncommon for homeowners to try to scrimp and save wherever possible to save cost. There are many areas where the trade-off is minor, so do check with your interior designer or stylist, but equally, there are items that you should never skip out on if you’re seeking a long-lasting result. Here are 5!

5. Televisions

Credit: Joy of Android

It may not be integral to the renovation process in itself, but television can make or break the overall aesthetics of the living room. Many brands are offering some truly amazing deals, and a new shopper may not be able to discern the differences between the different brands and models. As such, many may opt to shop by price instead of quality and features.

However, a quality TV, both in terms of build and size is critical for the cohesiveness in your living area. You want it to compliment your feature wall, but not be large enough to the point it is no longer proportional and thus, take away from the visual harmony in your space. In terms of build, lower purchase price often means lower grade. These units ship with cheaper panels that are often lower resolution and offer far inferior colour recreation. Larger and cumbersome bezels are also commonplace. 

Looks and user experience aside, inferior warranties are also a possibility, which can mean more hassle in trying to get said unit replaced or repaired if it warrants it.

4. Paint

Credit: The Spruce

Painting is a lot more complex than you may think it is. If you engage a contractor that utilises all of the elements required in a quality job, you’ll have outstanding durability, as each layer of paint is designed to serve a very specific job. Sealer, as its name implies, provides a uniform and smooth surface for the final colour to go on to. It also promotes adhesion, reducing the risk of peeling later on. Your base coat goes on top of the sealer and is what provides the colour that you chose earlier on in your renovation journey.

Cheaper jobs often skip out on sealer, applying the base directly onto the surface instead. This can lead to more fragile paint that chips or flakes off on impact. The base itself is separated into many different grades, with lower-tier ones sporting a powdery texture when dry, which can prove quite nasty for use in a residential environment. Higher-end paints can come with extra niceties, such as anti-fungal and anti-mould properties, and are generally more durable than their lower-end counterparts. 

3. Digital Door Locks

Credit: Spot Goody

If you’re already spending a premium on a digital lockset, it makes little sense to opt for a slightly cheaper unit that may come from a less reputable manufacturer than one from a big name. It is a crucial line of defence in ensuring outsiders are kept out of your humble abode, so perhaps some coin should be spent here.

Said cheaper units may come with other issues. Support may not be as comprehensive as some of the bigger brands, which can leave you locked out of your own home should the lock malfunction. Security is a factor as well - the bigger players like Yale and Samsung use technology derived from immigration scanners, and thus would be much harder for would-be criminals to circumvent. Cheaper units may use inferior or outdated parts that can compromise security, and may also lack features that their more expensive counterparts are equipped with.

2.Coloured Internal PVC

White PVC is the default for most carpenters. There’s nothing wrong with using white PVC - it is cost-effective and durable enough for most applications. However, in the long term, it can scratch and stain more easily than their thicker and textured counterparts. This means that your fresh, new carpentry may look more worn out and aged than they are after some use.

Coloured PVC is slightly more expensive. It has a texture, which translates into additional thickness, and thus, durability. Its colour also hides dirt and grime much better than white ones ever could.


Credit: The Spruce 

You can save on hinges by going with generic units, as even the lowest-end ones will ship with a quality soft-close right now. However, its quality may still be questionable. The metals they are made of may be of a lower grade and thus, be more prone to corrosion, and they may also be less polished from a QC standpoint. You can, therefore, expect warranties that are not as comprehensive as from the establishment, which may mean purchasing replacements instead of getting them. 

Branded hinges (and drawer sliders, etc) may cost more upfront but have a few pros over the generic items. Firstly, there is a greater range of hinges and mechanisms to choose from that can better suit your application. The premium also means a more comprehensive warranty, with certain brands even offering a no-questions-asked, one-to-one lifetime replacement!