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Simple Feng Shui Tips

  • 2020-07-13 19:14:18

Feng Shui may seem complicated, and you probably worry about the potential can of worms you’d open should you go down that rabbit hole. However, in actuality, it isn’t as complicated as Feng Shui Masters would like you to believe. It is, after all, a very simple concept on optimising the way you live.

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But First, What Is Feng Shui?

Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui isn’t about a seemingly illogical way of arranging objects in a specific configuration. It definitely isn’t a dark art about trying to achieve some spiritual balance as well. It is a traditional Chinese custom of striking a balance with the natural world, but in our own homes, and most of the principles are actually grounded in a lot of common sense.

Manage The Energy

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This is probably one of the easiest Feng Shui rules to follow. The belief is that energy, or chi, flows in through the front door. In an ideal world, it should evenly distribute itself throughout the entire home. However, less-than-optimal layouts mean that there are homes in which the energy rapidly drains out, as a result of the main door being in line with back doors or with back windows.

Optimally, a divider should be installed to redirect said flow. However, especially true of smaller spaces, this may not always be possible. As such, consider breaking up the flow through the use of carpets on the floor, or decorative art pieces on your entrance walls. 

Elemental Harmony

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The kitchen is one of the key players when it comes to good Feng Shui in your space. After all, this is where enriching dishes are prepared, that will eventually end up providing the fuel that your family members need to go about their busy lives.

You’ll also find all 5 elements of Feng Shui in this part of the house.

As such, it is imperative that you optimise this bit of the house. Try to avoid locating your kitchen close to the main entrance. This is believed to contribute to problems in the digestive tract. You’ll also want to leave sufficient space between each of the opposing elements in the kitchen (leave ample space between the sink, stove and fridge). Opt for a gas hob where possible; induction cookers may sometimes be more practical, but having an actual fire in the kitchen is good for Feng Shui. 

Undistracted Respite

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Bedrooms should be a place for some peaceful respite, a well-earned retreat after a long day's work in the real world if you’d like. It should, therefore, be conducive for rest and relaxation, and recommended that you shift distractions that can affect said rest, from the bedroom - think TVs, Computers/Laptops, and other pieces of furniture or clutter that really shouldn’t belong in a bedroom. 

Bedrooms should also be amply lit and decorated in colours and textures that will not clash with your Feng Shui elements.


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The bathroom is yet another area that is crucial for optimal Feng Shui. It has an abundance of the water element that can translate into the drainage of wealth. Minimise the impact, by keeping your bathroom clean. Cleanliness also means you can elevate your bath experience for better relaxation. 

Consider introducing some greenery into your bathroom, to spiritually harvest the water element. Toilet seats should be kept down when not in use (added bonus of minimising the risk of mosquito breeding!), and mirrors should be wiped down and kept blemish-free so they can reflect with clarity!


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Clutter is visually unappealing, and in Feng Shui beliefs, will disrupt the flow of energy. Consider engaging one of our Interior Designers for some innovative storage solutions that would make sure our home has enough space to keep all of your belongings neatly and out of sight.

If that isn’t possible, make organisers and shelf inserts your best friends. Ikea has a wide range of said items, which have been designed for use in various parts of your house. Daiso, too, carries a wide range of boxes and containers to really make it super easy for you to keep your home clutter-free!

Feng Shui isn’t as complex as you may think it is. It is a set of guidelines, grounded in logic, to help you optimise your daily interactions with the space around you. And logic isn’t a misnomer - who wants a cluttered and ‘busy’ home in which they can’t relax and recharge in? Following Feng Shui principles mean a clean and organised space that is not only easy on the eyes but conducive for a good night’s worth of sleep as well.