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5 Items You Should Have Before Moving In!

You’re excited about your new space. Understandably so; you’ve probably spent the equivalent of years of savings on purchasing your dream house, and a further few more on the renovation to create the home of your dreams.

The vision of living in a freshly renovated space is almost utopian. However, the moving process is anything but; imagine trying to find small items hastily stashed away in cardboard boxes, crammed into trucks and transported willy nilly to said new place. Alleviate some of the stresses of moving, by making sure you have 5 of these items before actually spending your first night in your new humble abode!

In no particular order:

5) Batteries

Credit: Components101

Often overlooked, but commonly used. Most modern electronics that require batteries should come prepackaged with some, though lower-end items tend to skip out on them. Besides, there are other items in your home that will require batteries but most definitely come without them, such as clocks, or even a back-up, emergency torchlight.

Consider having batteries of several different sizes - a good mix of AA and AAA sizes will do you a lot of good, on hand. 

4) Cable Ties

Credit: Bikes Republic

You can get the nylon or the velcro variety - it really doesn’t matter, as they perform the same fundamental function. With cable ties, you can neatly tuck away wire, even routing them through spaces that you would otherwise not be able to sans the aforementioned. 

Other benefits of using cable ties in the running of your appliances’ cables, is the ability to neatly manage long and unruly wires, which not only makes things neater and less unsightly, but reduces the amount of dust trapped within the bundle of wires itself in the long run too. 

3) Cleaning Wipes

Credit: Aliexpress

A chemical cleaning, that is customary after a renovation, will not be enough to keep your house completely spotless. A lot of dust is generated throughout the renovation process, and most of it remains in the air. Fumes from the adhesive used on the laminates, and from your paints, will continue to degas over the next couple of weeks, so expect to see residue and particles settling on most surfaces even after a thorough scrubbing.

Fret not, as cleaning wipes offer a quick and efficient solution to get rid of these potentially harmful substances. Use the wet variety on floors and tiled walls, and use dry wipes to remove build-up, and even fingerprints, from laminated carpentry. 

2) Hooks And Clips

Credit: Lazada

We take hooks and clips for granted until we actually need the services of one. They help to increase the amount of valuable real estate within the house itself, affording us the luxury to utilise spaces that would otherwise be of no use without them. Apart from practical uses, they enable you to hang up your favourite paintings, portraits and photos anywhere you desire!

But which one should you go for? 3M makes a range of extremely durable adhesive fixings, that can help you, stowaway, anything from your keys and other lightweight items, to having more robust mounts for heavier items, such as your broomsticks or your mops. 

Hooks that are nailed or screwed in are available as well, but we recommend using adhesive hooks if possible, especially on tiled surfaces, as they can be removed without any damage to the base surface. Hooks that are nailed or screwed on offer greater holding capacity, but leave holes on the walls should you decide to remove the hooks.

1) Dehumidifiers

Credit: T3

We live in a fairly humid climate. Dehumidifying rods exist, and you can actually option them into your carpentry should you have opted for it during your renovation planning. However, these rods are expensive, require an electrical source, and is overall a hassle to maintain.

Moisture is the mortal enemy of expensive leather handbags, cameras, and high end-scale models. Mould can irreversibly damage the leather on said bags and can destroy the coatings on lenses. Paint on scale models has been known to literally bubble and flake off in higher humidity levels, rendering a collectible practically worthless. 

Moisture absorbers are cost-effective and offer cheap insurance against damage to property as a result of high humidity. They can reduce ambient moisture by up to 25%, which is enough to ward off the potential risk of degradation to items. Another huge plus is that lower humidity levels also mean no more nasty musty smell in your cabinets - that can only be a good thing!

Make your move-in process just that little smoother! These are 5 items that we recommend you arm yourself with before spending your first night over at your new abode. If you aren’t that far along your renovation journey just yet, consider engaging an Interior Designer on our Renodots portal! Our impressive repertoire of partners has many years of experience and the portfolio to show for it. Only make happy decisions - leave the headaches to the experts!