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5 Stunning Renovations For Under RM80,000

  • 2020-07-08 09:50:53

If you’re after a show-stopper of a humble abode, you’d expect to shell out an equally show-stopping stack of cash. However, expectations may often not be representative of reality, and that saying may not always have negative connotations attached to it as well. 

We’ve listed 5 renovation projects that are stunning, yet, relatively speaking anyway, do not break the bank!  

5. I-City | LOFT Plus Seven Studio - RM80,000

Credit: Loft Plus 7

This is proof that class and elegance does not necessarily mean huge upfront renovation costs. The designers at LOFT Plus Seven Studio have created a primarily modern-themed interior, but with unmistakably retro touches to the space. Timber panelling makes an appearance through the house, not only creating a feature wall for the TV, but forming an artistic backdrop for the sofa as well. A careful curation of furniture and decorative pieces help to complete that overall feel! 

4. The Fennel | AJM Interiors - RM75,000

Credit: Ajmi

There’s a whiff of luxury about this unit at The Fennel. It combines wood in various orientations, and dark colours, with marble to create a high-end feel to the space. The study is segregated from the living room with sliding glass doors, allowing for superior sound insulation when needed, but yet still preserving a spacious and airy feel. Thematically different it is to the living room - it has more natural colours and finishings, but the combination actually works well with the materials and textures in the living room. The highlight of the house has to be the walk-in wardrobe. The bathroom attached sports a large glass door, which helps natural light flood the otherwise cramped area. Full height mirrors help to further elevate the illusion of space!

3. Nadayu 63 | Mieux Design - RM70,000

Credit: Nadayu

The folks at Mieux Design believe their concept best embodies a unique blend of colours and of styles. It sports different shades of green, with gold and marble touches to create a subtle, yet modern-contemporary interior design, with just a hint of luxury. A simplistic colour palette, combined with the clever use of lighting and plenty of glass, helps to create an illusion of a larger, yet cosier space, almost reminiscent to that of a good boutique hotel.

2. H2O Ara Damansara | WAD Design - RM60,000

Credit: WAD Design

The folks at WAD Design opted to keep the general colour palette simple, but with one unmissable exception - a decidedly classy and elegant turquoise hue for the sofa wall. The house has influences from industrial design, as well as from minimalism and Scandinavian design. The shoe cabinet doubles up as a full height mirror, perfect for that one final check before you head out to see the world!

1. UNWIND | Spacehero Design Studio - RM50,000

Credit: Spacehero Design Studio

This apartment may be small and have no physical walls to demarcate each space, but with the cleverly selected, and positioned, furniture, as well as a platform, there’s no real need for said division. As with most small spaces, white is everywhere, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes the space brighter, making it feel larger than it really is, and the grey hues work well as a contrast colour. The monochromatic palette is then offset with healthy doses of wood, which helps to create a surprisingly inviting little space to call home!

These 5 projects are proof that you can have buckets of style without breaking the bank. If you’re looking at wallet-friendly makeovers, or just scrolling for inspiration, Renodots Malaysia has got your back! We have years of experience, and a portfolio to back that up!


Do consider talking to our list of esteemed interior designers; with years of experience, and an impressive resume, you can renovate without any worries!