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How to create Scandinavian interior design for your home

  • 2020-06-30 14:16:32

Use neutral colours

Credit: Nordic Design

The staple of colours used are tones of greys, whites, browns and blacks. You can also team these with bright colours to get a contrasting effect such as greens and fuchsia. The objective is really to attain a serene calming effect. Normally, walls are painted white in a Scandinavian living room.

Use of wood and metals

Credit: Home Designing

Scandinavian design uses wood not just for the flooring but also for furniture pieces such as coffee tables and chairs. The flooring is done usually in light oak wood or ashwood. Wooden coffee tables and chairs are also commonplace. The trend now, however, is to marry metallic finishes and wooden elements. For example, you can throw in copper sconces and brass pendants in addition to your plate of wooden tables and chairs.


Since the Scandinavian design is minimalist, be sure to declutter all unnecessary knick-knacks. The theme is to be breezy and light, so to cut out the fat, you can use storage spaces such as shelves, stow away departments such as cabinets and drawers. 

Simple furniture and accessorising 

Credit: Fresh Home

Choose a simply designed piece of furniture if you want to go for the Scandinavian design. A sofa seat of light colour and material will suffice. You can add in accessories such as cushions with geometric designs, ceramic vases, wooden coffee tables etc. The mantra is to stay simple and clean. 

Go for form and functionality

Credit: Belivindesgin

Choose modern looking furniture with smooth and rounded edges, such as tables, chairs, sofas. Another distinct character of Scandinavian design is the use of ample space. The interior should look very roomy with lots of natural light and balmy air around. Multi levelled shelves that are synonymous with Scandinavian design can be used to store small pieces of decorations such as photo frames, pots of plants, medals etc to keep the look sleek and clean.

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