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Everything you need to know for a spice rack at home

  • 2020-06-24 11:32:15

Spices are where all dishes and cuisines connect with the kitchen today, but a jumble collection of seasonings gives a cluttered look. There are so many ways of storing and displaying them, but before cracking the wall, look at what you can do from these inspirations! 

If you often buy duplicate seasonings, label them so you will have a better idea of what you already have. 

Simple Spice Storage

Credit: Lazada, Pinterest

No building is involved here, it is more wallet-friendly too! You can simply store your spices into these little containers, and you can clearly see exactly what you have left. With the spices’ colour combinations will give an amazing look and bring your area to the next level! 

Test Tube Rack

Credit: Pinterest

These test tube rack ideas will make you feel like creating a science project while cooking. It is a cheap and clean design that will definitely make your kitchen look interesting. 

Spice Gripper

Credit: Amazon

If you do not want clutter on the countertops or hanging on your walls, this spice gripper is perfect for a minimalist kitchen! It holds each individual spice jar and you could hide it perfectly behind the cabinet doors. 

Wall Spice Rack

Credit: Geekyviews

There are a variety of wall spice racks for your pantry door or kitchen wall, it’s easy to install and it fits perfect for most standard bottles (small vertical containers) you'll find in grocery stores.  

Revolving Countertop Spice Rack

Credit: Amazon

If you’re more towards spinning storage with an elegant design, this design could give your countertop a twirl. Simple and minimal that perfectly match any kitchen style. 

Pull-Out Cabinet Organiser

Credit: Kutsko Kitchen

Hidden spice rack storage in the drawer is great for cluttered-free kitchens. If you already keep your spices in the drawer, you may try labelling them so that you will never have a problem finding again. It will definitely make your life easier!

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