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How paint colours can affect the home?

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Whether you are redecorating or just freshen up, giving a new paint colour for your room can make a big change! As we all know, different interior colours affect our moods and home design. 

For instance, bright colours can make you feel calm and relaxed, also giving the room a bigger and open look. Whereas, dark colours give a sophisticated and cold intimate appearance. Want to know more about which is the right colour for your room? Continue reading! 


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What are neutral colours? Beige, brown, white and grey are considered earthy-neutral schemes! If you opt for a relaxing and warm feeling, go for this theme. It is also the most used decorator's colour tool and theme, such as Japanese style, one of the most common interior styles that homeowners want these days. Mix with warm lighting, wooden flooring, as well as natural material fabrics and texture, would look perfect! 


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White can give your room an automatic feel of cleanliness and purity. Do you know, painting your ceiling white is the great choice as it could also give the illusion of a higher ceiling and bigger room? It is a great colour that gives a less packed and stressful look to your room. 


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Green has a calming effect when used as the main colour in your room. Psychologically, it could help to relieve stress and help people to relax, also called as a restful colour. If you have a nursery or kids room at home, green may be a great choice! 


Credit: MyDomaine

Blue gives the room a soothing and serene atmosphere, believe it or not, it is also known to help clear the mind and help steady one’s breathing especially for lower blood pressure. As it is considered a cool colour, therefore also making the room appear larger in a comfortable way. However, not all blues apply the same way, dark blues can invoke feelings of sadness so try them with smaller elements or bedroom accessories instead of painting it all on your walls. 


Credit: Style by Emily Henderson

If you opt for a cheerful, energetic and happy colour, yellow is the one! It may cause fatigue and anxiety if overused though, study shows people tend to lose their temper in a yellow interior. Thus, not recommended as the main colour of your room. Instead, you could try it in your kitchen, it brightens up the moods and increases your energy every morning! 

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