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Smart ideas to make your small bedroom look bigger

There are plenty of easy solutions which will help fix your small space look more inviting, increasingly multi-functional, and thoroughly chic, all at the same time.

It does not matter how small your bedroom is. If you are ready to put some time and effort into making your small bedroom look bigger, scroll down to see more! 


Credit: Home Designing

Try sticking the same colour which could help to make your room look bigger. Recommended white interior as it will give a cluttered look and simplifies the space, which makes the room feel airy and bright. If you are afraid that white might be too cold, simply add some earthy elements such as wood or woven throws to warm it up!  


Credit: Pinterest

Choose lightweight materials in the room that will increase the sense of airness. For drapers, linen is the perfect example. Try to avoid heavy materials that block natural lights from windows and make the room look heavy or packed. 

Keep it Simple 

Credit: Homeyohmy

The more pieces, accessories and patterns, the more cluttered it will feel. We tend to keep everything that we have but try Marie Kondor your room and donate or throw out things that no longer give spark! This will definitely give you a clean and clutter-free room. 

Also, try to avoid hanging too many things on the wall, as it will make your room feel packed. Instead, you could try a hanging mirror, it will not only help to reflect the natural light in your room but also create a bigger space illusion! 

Hidden Storage Place

Credit: Royals Courage

Storage places are always a must for a small bedroom. Instead of a headboard, you could install shelves around your bed, it can double the amount of space for your small bedroom. Or make use of the under-bed storage, you could store stuff that you do not use it often such as your travel clothes, extra bed sheets or more. 

Multi-functional Furniture

Credit: Pinterest

Foldable (space-saving) furniture can work in any room if your home office is also your bedroom, a murphy bed with a hidden desk would be a great idea! For a small living room, ottomans can be used as a coffee table and extra seating, or for some, they have hidden storage where you can place books in there too.

Open Legs Furniture

Credit: Pinterest

As we mention, creating the illusion of more space is all about creating a sense of openness and airflow. Your furniture can help to allow light and movement not just over but also under, appears to float in space. Try to avoid tall furniture, it will make your room look even smaller! 

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