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The top trends in homeware you need to know

There are no missed patterns. Either you live by them or feel totally indifferent, from common paint colours to furniture selections, all built for our homes is inspired by a wider trend.

New Minimalism

Credit: Pinterest

What do we mean by new minimalism? The old minimalism was about getting rid of things, the new minimalism is about living with less and maintaining meaningful objects that what we have is important. 

Reducing carbon footprint, simplifying your life with sustainable living that tells stories rather than as disposable accessories. Minimalism – neutral tones, natural materials and imperfect designs, such as hand-painted spots and illustrations of wall arts. 

Matte White

Credit: Pinterest

Matte white can transform the room into streamlined and peaceful. As you might have heard, white always creates a bigger illusion to your space. If you are not sure where to start with the colour palette, white is always a great place to begin. 

Wild and Dry

Credit: House Beautiful 

Although dried flowers are a perfect way to continue enjoying the glory of summer blooms, they also add a wide range of earth tones to your home. Vintage floral cushions and textiles in shades of navy blue, low-maintenance way to enjoy this season's floral trend.

Sustainable style

Credit: Pinterest

Sustainable styles of furniture are eco-friendly and a lifestyle with reduced environmental impact. It is good for society and our environment! They also tend to have certain characteristics, so it will bring style to your room. 


Credit: Apartment Therapy

We see squares everywhere at home, from tiles to cushions. When combined with muted tones and minimal furniture, grids create a sense of clarity, but when paired with bright and fun colours, squares act as a backlash to the Memphis period.



Credit: Freshome

This latest look draws on the fresh sophistication of Scandinavian design and blends it with the classic charm of Japanese fashion to create a style that brings together the best of both worlds. Japandi and Scandinavian interiors tend to be so neutral that they look clean, the vibrant colour palette of Japanese design giving the space more energy.

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