Ways to fill up empty wall

Floating Shelves

Credit: Overstock

Storage place is our all-time favourite, it could be a perfect tool that you can display artwork, accessories or plants to make your wall extra interesting. You can switch out the decor that you display on them whenever you want. For a more minimal decor, go for white, beige or black shades, maintain a modern look. If you are opting for something simple and within your budget, IKEA has all the shelves you would fancy! 


Credit: Laskasas

Dressing up a blank wall with a mirror perhaps is one of the most easygoing and simplest ways to do it. Just like hanging art together gallery style or one big piece against the wall. Mirrors have the power to brighten up and give a bigger illusion to space. 

A Statement Piece

Credit: Imall

Hang a statement piece of art on your wall to add a sense of texture to your room. For instance, woven wheel art/tapestries - always a good choice for Scandinavian style, basket wall - liven up your wall with assortment with different textures and colours. 

Wall arts

Credit: Esty

A larger-scale art or wall gallery? Both work well to your wall. Nothing adds more personality when it comes to art hung in groups. Making them minimal and organised by using cohesive frames, similar colours or subject to give a balanced look. A large piece of artwork creates the illusion of a larger space and never goes out of style! Display your favourite images of loved ones for the most personal gallery wall, it is the most precious and warm idea. 

Bring some greenery 

Credit: Hunker

Creating wall planters, plants on wall hooks and plants on floating shelves will change the look of your room instantly! There are various benefits to having plants at home, such as fresher air, energy, positive vibes and more. However, if you are not confident enough to maintain the healthy look of the plants, you may consider using artificial plants - long-lasting and easy-care. 


Credit: Wall Sauce

This is one of the most common and safest ways to cover your empty wall! Consider easy-installed and removable wallpapers if you want to change it in the future and not to damage the walls. 

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