Items that make your bedroom extra cosy

The bedroom is the place where you can wind down after a long day. Thus, it has to be cosy and comfortable! 

Though it could be challenging to achieve a balanced look, here are some tips for you to make your room extra cosy! 

Colour Palette

Dark Hues

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Keep in mind that colours have the power to influence our mood. If you are thinking of creating a more ultra-moody space, try darker hues, though some say it might make your room smaller, however, it will sure make the room feel relaxed and bring out an intimate atmosphere. 

Soft Hues

Credit: The Scandinavian Feeling

Soft hues do give an illusion of a bigger space. Add in earth tones, natural fabrics and wood touches to create warm Scandinavian and earthy looks. Soft colours bedsheet might be more difficult to maintain, why not try it on wallpapers, furniture and accessories? It will brighten up the atmosphere! 

Pillows and throws

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Never too say too many throw pillows by adding in all the textures and layers. Not only the best way to decorate your bedroom, making it less boring but also helps to make your room warm and cosy. 


Credit: Polly Florence

Making your space feel cosy is about appealing to all the senses, not just looking good. Choose scents that you like to give your room a personalised aroma. 

For relaxation, go for lavender or rose. 

For Joyful, go for lemon, tangerine or orange.

For intimate, go for jasmine or rose.


Credit: Main Life Style

To achieve a relaxed atmosphere or a different ambience, a right light source is important. Try installing different types of light to create a sense of well-being bedroom. If you’re a nighttime reader, installing flexible wall lights is recommended. Want a better appearance but no sure what to get? Recessed light might be a good idea, especially for modern bedroom interiors. For the warmth look, hanging or standing ambient lamps would be a perfect choice!

Furniture/ Bedsheets

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The real cosiness has to be comfortable too! Invest in a good quality mattress, pillows and bedsheets that you could sleep in all day. Nothing is less cosy than a bed that is displeasing and uncomfortable. 

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