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Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Bathrooms are one of the most difficult redesign parts of the house, they are also easily spotted if it was out of the trend. 

We’ll show you how to remodel bathrooms without breaking the bank! 


Credit: Home Designing

First, changing a new colour can make changes to an old bathroom. Before you paint, remember to remove the accessories such as lights, trays, towel rail and anything else that might be getting away. Make sure the walls are clean and use a painter tape to tape on the side of door frames and things that you do not want to paint. It would also help to make it much easier to paint. If you still prefer your wall colour and think your vanity does not match the bathroom anymore, replace it or paint it. Painting is always the budget-friendly option for a new look. 

For small bathrooms, you might want to brighten things up to make your room feel open and bigger. Bright colours like white, aqua blue, pastel colours are all fair game. 

New accessories 

Credit: Big Bathroom Shop

Add a touch to your vanity with new pulls and knobs to make it look refreshing, get whatever that matches your new vanity colour! Bathrooms always need a mirror and it plays a big part in bathrooms. Give your bathroom a more personality by updating your mirror or adding a frame to your old one. 


Credit: Pinterest, UK Bathroom Store

For the shower, a new curtain or door make a big difference. For a timeless look, consider using soft hues colours curtain and clear glass door. Consider replacing a crusty old and outdated shower head, not only helps to look better but also enhances your shower experience! Aren’t that important? 


Credit: Behance

Pattern tiles are back on-trend now, but replacing the new tiles for the bathroom is going to be a big project. Many people might not know that you can get the same look without removing them! You just need some chalk paint and a stencil to get you trendy tiles look. 

Go green

Credit: Behance

Feeling empty in your bathroom? Why not redesign with the environment in mind. Decor a  small plant on your vanity or hang some on your wall to create the cheery and renewal feeling. Some of the indoor plants you may consider - Eternity plant, Spider plant, Lucky bamboo, Ferns and more. They are easy-care plants and don't need much sunlight which is perfect for your bathroom! 

Now, time to remodel your bathroom! Use these tips and ideas to help you bring down your cost and design your own with your creativity! 

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