6 Home Kitchen Inspiration To Consider

The kitchen is where you have meals, enjoy quality time with friends and family, or sometimes it could turn out to be your workplace too. Whether it is a small or grand kitchen, it will always be an important part of the home. 


Here are some kitchen inspirations for your next renovation!


1. Stylish 

Credit: IKEA 

For all the stylish home design lovers, this will be the inspiration you need! Play around with colours, patterns and textures to get a stylish yet personalised kitchen like this. Pair it with a large industrial pendant light, matte-black appliances and a stand out colours like the chair to balance out the overall design. 


2. Greenery

Credit: Apartment Therapy  

Green embodies a sense of growth and replenishment. It does not have to be green cabinets or a wall, but decorating with some green plants or flowers could give your kitchen a detoxed feeling. Opt for a plant collection and set at a corner, you will see the difference! 


3. Cottage


Credit: Pinterest

Cottage kitchens are one of the cosiest designs that bring a homey space to your house, it has a timeless style that you could apply anytime. Consider using white or beige colour themes on clean-line cabinets with contrasting colours of dark grey. As many designers say, a large framed opening keeps everything well connected and airy, while combining both closed cabinets and open shelves maximise the space in a small kitchen. This design is made with rustic materials that have a natural warmth and featuring charming cottage-style cabinet doors and handles, country kitchens exude an inviting atmosphere while conjuring up images of comfortable rural living.


4. Modern 

Credit: Blue House 

When it comes to modern kitchen layout, everything will look sleek and clean. One of the most used materials is marble, either on countertops, backsplash or island. Modern design tends to cave in a luxe feel and with a touch of a minimalist aesthetic, showcases organic modernism at its best. 


5. Industrial 

Credit: Pinterest 

Industrial style anything is usually a big strike. It's easy to achieve, always looks great and is functional, this is particularly effective in a kitchen. It's also a versatile concept that can be tailored to suit individual personal preferences. It is a fusion of different materials that presents an industrial kitchen at its core and uses application - a darker and more elegant industrial kitchen, tangible natural wood for the cabinetry, striking effect of metal details with bronze accents, lowered the pendant lights to create an intimate atmosphere and more. These various elements combine powerfully and create a perfect foundation for a range of different kitchen looks: raw and industrial, or pared-back and elegant.


6. Classic

Credit: Hello Lovely Studio

Classic kitchens are designed to be never out-of-date, simple and refreshing. It does not have to be black and white, mixes a neutral colour palette and wooden materials will maintain the classic charm. The islands often to be the focal point of a classic kitchen, maintaining might be an issue, but how can you resist its beauty.

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