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Small Living Room Ideas

1. Mirror

Credit: Kirklands

Create an illusion of space by simply adding a big mirror. As long as opt for an oversized mirror that could cover the majority of a wall - could be easily removable or built-in mirror wall. It helps to create an illusion by reflecting backlight and your interior decors, also works perfectly if your living room lacks in the natural light area. Extra tips for you: try to keep your colour scheme light and soft!

2. Display decors vertically

Credit: Housenliving

Believe it or not, placing decors vertically helps expand your room and appear a larger space. For example, getting a tall vertical cabinet instead of a wide cabinet, selecting smaller coffee tables, get a standing lamp instead of a table lamp. Try not to get wide and bulky furniture inside your small living space, as your floor will start disappearing! 

3. Statement pieces 

Credit: PinterestSociety6

Try displaying an eye-catching artwork or mirrors on the wall to create a focal point away from the living room size. Adding different colours, frames and texture can help too! Remember when it is too small, it will create clutter. Try to balance big with little pieces in your small living room. But before you add something new, start by taking away. For a similar effect, simply use an abstract photograph to express the colours of your throw pillows for cohesion.

4. Exposed Legs

Furniture with exposed legs has come back to the trend. Chairs and tables with exposed legs give an airy look and an open feel, creating a sense of space in the room! Covered legs or furniture that flush to the ground are suitable for a wider living room or cultural designs.  

5. Keep it minimal 

Credit: Pinterest

Less is more! You must have heard of the word "minimalism" when it comes to design. And minimalism works perfectly with a small living room. Invest in essential furniture only. Go for a comfy and timeless piece of furniture, functional table and space for entertainment - TV, projector or games. 

Small-space living has pretty much become the new norm for most people in recent years, especially for those who live in urban areas. Apply these tricks to your small-living room and remove those that do not spark joy! 

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