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Start A Balcony Garden

No matter how small your balcony, there is space for plants. Consider growing flowering plants or herbs. You can grow them from seed or buy the ones that are already grown in pots. Here, we will show you different ways you can plan your balcony garden layout.

Pallet Herb Garden

Credit: Fresh Mommy Blog

Choose to hang it up on or lean it on the wall, but one thing is for sure, wood pallets are extremely versatile and will work amazingly for your miniature garden. You can use plastic or glassware as planters to grow your plants. This works well to create an edible garden. Consider planting herbs such as sage, basil, or rosemary. Alternatively, you could plant an array of succulents that do not need much care.

Pallets are widely used as a structural foundation. Sometimes, the supermarkets or warehouses discard them. If you chance upon one, bring it home to start your garden. Just be sure to place it at an area that gets at least partial sunlight.

Vertical Garden

Credit: Pinterest 

Vertical gardens are the latest fad in architecture and interior design. It can be introduced in your balcony too! You’ve probably seen this in malls, the airport, and also some restaurants. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, it is also relatively easy to care for.

All you have to do is purchase the planter. You can find them online. Measure the wall you plan to use before selecting the planter. There are several sizes with different quantities of planter pouches. After buying and setting it up, put in the soil and the plants (or seeds to germinate). Your space might become cooler as a result of this vertical garden too!

Planter on Rails

Credit: Gardeners

If your balcony is already occupied, then try hanging your plants on the rail. If you’ve seen the tiny balconies in France and Italy, you might also notice how they decorate their little balconies with plants too. In Malaysia, the balconies are generally bigger so there is no excuse for not growing greenery.

If you want to plant edibles, consider chillies, tomatoes, or herbs. You could also plant beautiful flowers so it cheers you up every morning - just remember to water them every day too.

Bookcase Garden

Credit: Pinterest 

If you’ve been clearing some areas in your home, would you happen to have a shelf or a book rack that does not seem to fit into your newly redecorated space? Don’t discard it! Move it to the balcony and make a bookshelf garden. With just a few puts (it does not have to match), you can slowly grow plants that will give your balcony a rustic touch. If you’ve got terracotta pots, you could paint the pots as an activity with your children before potting the plants.

Repurposing a bookshelf (or even a desk) is one of the easiest ways to start a balcony garden because you can fit plants on a lower tier and a higher tier, using the furniture you have on hand.

Tell us, what kind of balcony garden are you interested in creating? Also, what kind of plants are you looking to plant? Did you know that many herbs such as basil and mint thrive in our climate? Sunflowers and Japanese Roses are amazing flowering plants to consider too.

If you are looking to revamp your balcony, speak to our interior designers. Check out their portfolio and discuss your ideas. You can get a quote from them too. Here at Renodots, we believe your home should be beautiful!