Why Leather Sofas Are Perfect for Children & Pets

August 3rd 2022

 Credit: Articulate

As we rest on our leather sofas or chairs, we’re usually reminded of how comfortable and luxurious it feels as we relax and wind down. However, the lesser known fact is that leather stands up to abuse extremely well — yes, even the torment that your kids and pets put it through. Beyond its durability, leather furniture is also easier to clean and maintain compared to other fabrics in the market.

Therefore, today’s read will shed light on why leather is the best material for households with children and pets, and why you should consider investing in a leather sofa if you’re a parent — pet parents included!

Ease of Maintenance

Credit: Articulate

Even with its superb qualities and aesthetics, leather couches do not come with self-cleaning capabilities. This means that you do still have to take some time out of your schedule to give it a clean every so often — but the good news is, leather is renowned for its ease of maintenance.

Unlike fabric couches, leather sofas don’t retain the fur shed by your pets. Furthermore, a quick wipe down of your leather sofa is more than enough to get rid of dirt, mud and prints left behind by your furry friend.

The Perks of Distressed Leather

Credit: RH

The allure of a glazed and glossy leather sofa doesn’t always come easily. In fact, a leather sofa often loses its shine over time. However, to a select few, the distressed and aged look of a leather sofa is precisely what attracts them, much like how distressed denim jeans tend to attract a younger audience.

With kids and pets around, you might be worried about having your pristine leather sofa ruined, but the good news is that distressed sofas are technically already ‘ruined’ for you. Besides, that distressed look tends to induce maturity in your leather furniture, giving it that vintage and sophisticated ambience. Thus, opting for a leather sofa that has been intentionally and artistically ‘beaten’ could serve you and your pets well.

Protecting Leather Doesn’t Cost A Bomb

Credit: The Spruce

It’s always a good idea to have your precious leather furniture protected in one way or another, simply because it enhances the longevity of your furniture. However, if you’re keen on letting your furbaby spend time on the sofa, it’s important that you protect it with a leather protectant!

A leather protectant provides your furniture with an additional layer of protection from oil found in their paws and fur. Besides, it helps keep your leather strong and resistant towards scratches and other forms of rough handling.


Credit: Magazif

If you’re in search of a leather sofa or a leather couch, there’s a ton of avenues to dive into. IKEA is always on the top of everybody’s list when it comes to shopping for furniture, as well as Harvey Norman, a brand well-known for anything related to household products.

On the other hand, do consider specialised furniture brands such as Cellini and Lavino for an array of leather sofas, couches and even recliners to choose from!

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