Useful Tips for Adding Character to Your Bathroom

August 3rd 2022

Credit: Top Idea

The bathroom is a private sanctuary whereby the quality of space is of utmost importance. Contrary to popular belief, glamming up your bathroom is absolutely worth it — and here’s why. Crafting awe-inspiring designs is often easier to do when one is presented with a decently-sized space, but what happens when space is limited and it seems like nothing much can be done? Well, this is where great bathroom designs come into play. Read on to find out how you too can beautify your bathroom with these useful tips!

Wooden Tiles

Credit: Qanvast

The allure of wooden elements reaches far and beyond just the living room. In fact, the bathroom is a perfect space that truly amplifies the mesmerising effect of wooden tiles, since the privacy and serenity found in the bathroom matches the maturity and warmth provided by wooden elements — a match made in heaven.

If you’re in search of an onsen-like aesthetic and ambience for your bathroom, it’d be wise to start off your journey by incorporating wooden tiles and wooden elements, to seriously buff up on the integral aspects of nature and tranquillity commonly seen in actual onsen spas.

Ambient Lighting

Credit: Homes and Gardens

Natural lighting should be an essential for practically every room in the house, including the bathroom. In a perfect world, daylight would always be readily available, creeping softly and perfectly into your cosy little bathroom — but let us come back down to Earth.

Ambient lighting substitutes natural lighting by emulating the way light bounces off surfaces in your bathroom. In essence, ambient lighting does not cast a strong and direct path of light. Instead, it lights up the surrounding of its source just enough to ensure visibility. This in turn results in a soft, relaxed and warm ambience in your bathroom.

Pops of Colour

Credit: Real Homes

We’re all familiar with monochromatic and neutral tones in the bathroom, but on the other end of the spectrum, bright and colourful bathrooms are equally as mesmerising. Unsurprisingly, one’s choice of colour is an extremely telling preference that suggests one’s character and personality.

As such, don’t be afraid to introduce pops of colour into your bathroom. In fact, knock yourselves out with the design process and you just might find the perfect bathroom for you! 

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