Top 3 Most Luxurious Apartments in Kuala Lumpur

August 3rd 2022

Credit: Knight Frank

In most parts of the world, properties located in the city’s core are categorised as ‘luxurious assets’ simply because of the prestige and perks that they entail. It’d be safe to say that living within walking distance from the heart of a city is beyond most of us. Today, we’ll be diving into the world of luxurious apartments found in Kuala Lumpur that feature top tier security, grand facilities, prestigious features and immaculate locations.

Credit: U-Thant

Impression U-Thant

Impression U-Thant is the epitome of prestigious living, thanks to its generous offers of convenience, proximity to shopping districts and more importantly, unparalleled serenity.

Encircled by the impressive ambience of the luxurious Royal Selangor Golf Club, Impression U-Thant is a high-end condominium located on the premium plot of Kuala Lumpur’s embassy row. With residential welfare and comfortable living at the top of the list, Impression U-Thant certainly depicts an accurate scene of a luxurious serviced property.

Credit: Damansara City

Damansara City Residency

The prestigious neighbourhood of Damansara City boasts more than just luxury. With plenty of amenities and points of interest surrounding the precinct, Damansara City Residency truly is the representation of luxurious and comfortable living.

Other than Damansara City Mall being just a stone’s throw away, this residency also brings with it an immaculate level of security. With convenience and safety on the forefront, it’s no wonder why Damansara City Residency presents itself as a luxurious property.

Credit: YMG

Eaton Residences

Life atop Eaton Residences is simply mesmerising. Featuring immaculate views and a full range of amenities such as gyms, pools and saunas, you’ll simply find yourself enjoying the best things in life at Eaton Residences.

With the Petronas Twin Towers in sight, Eaton Residences flaunts an impressive view of Kuala Lumpur’s cityscapes. Being near amenities such as KLCC and a wide array of international schools further enhance the allure of Eaton Residences, confirming it as a luxurious property.

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