IKEA’s Merry Collection of Christmas Decor

August 3rd 2022

Credit: IKEA

As the year comes to a close, the warm and joyous ambience of Christmas fills the air. Frankly, it’s hard to not know that Christmas is drawing near, since Christmas carols can be heard far and wide, from the radio to shopping malls, and maybe even from your neighbour’s house! As such, we all know it’s high time for some good ol’ Christmas shopping. Read on to see some of the best Christmas decor from IKEA’s home decor section!

Christmas Trees With A Twist

Credit: IKEA

2021 was a year rife with adaptations and changes to our lifestyles. What better way to represent this by replacing a cliche Christmas tree with one that’s aesthetically pleasing, minimal and doubles up as a lighting fixture?

Of course, the Christmas tree is a quintessential aspect of Christmas — it’s an absolute staple when it comes to Christmas decorations. However, not all Christmas trees have to be the same.

The VINTER 2021 Christmas Tree is IKEA’s rendition of a modern Christmas tree. If you’re looking for that classic merry atmosphere without compromising floor space, this one’s for you.

Trinkets & Figurines That Come Alive

Credit: IKEA

Christmas display figurines are guaranteed to enable a more interactive experience for your visitors and the little ones. There’s nothing quite like a home with a cosy Christmas atmosphere, brought to life by tiny yet charismatic displays of this festive season.

The VINTER 2021 WINTER VILLAGE is a decoration set of 10 figurines, consisting of snow-covered houses, Christmas trees, a reindeer and a sleigh. All you’d need is a small platform to display this decoration set — a small price to pay for salvation!

Fill All of Your Senses with Joy & Warmth

Credit: IKEA

There’s nothing like a romantic ambience in a candlelit space. However, the power of a candle flame is beyond its purpose of providing light — more importantly, a candle flame represents the holy illumination of the Christmas spirit. Furthermore, the candid movement of a candle flame casts natural shadows in dim areas, enhancing the overall atmosphere that really brings the Christmastime mood to another level.

The VINTER 2021 SCENTED TEALIGHT should be on your list if you’re looking to provide your home with love and warmth. Apart from the romantic aesthetic these mini candles provide, the soothing scent that comes through definitely enhances the cosiness of your space, making this Christmas one that’s filled with tranquility and relaxation.

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