Easy Refurbishments Perfect for Chinese New Year

August 3rd 2022


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The beauty of the Chinese tradition is in its deep-rooted heritage filled with rich cultural aspects. Inevitably, this also comes with dozens of taboos and acts that may be deemed inauspicious — one of them being renovation. Whether we like it or not, it is considered inauspicious to renovate one’s home during Chinese New Year. As such, today’s read will guide you through three quick and easy refurbishments that can be done to your home before the arrival of Chinese New Year!



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Bright Sofa Covers


In recent years, bright and bold tones have surged in popularity, as compared to the contrasting monotonous colour palettes that were highly sought after in previous years. This coming Chinese New Year would be a great opportunity to hop on the bandwagon of striking colours.


Besides, changing out a new set of covers for your sofa doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re looking to revamp your home and give it a fresh new look this year, this mini refurbishment could very well be your cup of tea — all you’d need is just some elbow grease.



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Rattan Chairs


If you’ve not yet indulged in rattan furniture, this upcoming Chinese New Year presents a timely opportunity for you to get one for yourself. If you’re in the loop, you’d be aware of the comeback that rattan furniture is making — and here’s why they’re perfect for Chinese New Year.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that rattan furniture almost uncanningly complements Chinese and oriental elements in general. The prominence of bamboo is well-known in the Chinese community, and its resemblance to rattan makes it compatible with most forms of oriental decor. Besides, rattan furniture is relatively inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing, durable and doesn’t require assembly — perfect for Chinese New Year preparations.

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Flower Arrangements


Blooming flowers are widely known to attract vitality and positive vibes into your home. However, placing an elaborate arrangement of flowers in a well-lit and centralised part of your home further heightens this effect, for it symbolises a fresh start to the new year.


Besides, a pretty arrangement of flowers never fails to impress. The bright, airy and fresh ambience that plants induce gives more than enough reason to put in a little more effort into flower arrangements this year.

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